Moonlit Fantasy, Anime Recommendation of the Week!

Key points for Anime Recommendation – Moonlit Fantasy:

  • Moonlit Fantasy offers a fun and lighthearted isekai experience, reminiscent of KonoSuba, with a unique twist on the typical plot.
  • The anime shines with amusing character dynamics, particularly the interactions between Makoto, Mio, and Tomoe, adding humor to the series.
  • While not groundbreaking, Moonlit Fantasy stands out for its enjoyable plot, decent world-building, and willingness to poke fun at isekai clichΓ©s, making it a worthwhile watch.

I started this anime because of a few reasons. The first is that it recently got a 2nd season. Episode 2 of the 2nd season came out today. And because a few of my friends were quite happy that this series got a 2nd season. So I decided to finally give Moonlit Fantasy a try and to be honest, I am quite satisfied with the anime. It’s not groundbreaking or anything but it is fun as hell to watch.

So welcome back to another edition of our anime recommendation series! And this week, I have something that I’ve never even talked about on the website yet, Moonlit Fantasy! This anime reminds me a lot of KonoSuba and while not as good, it is still entertaining as hell. So let’s talk about it today!


Moonlit Fantasy is based on the LN of the same name by Azumi Kei and illustrated by Matsumoto Mitsuaki. The LN has been serialized since May 2013 and is still ongoing. As for the anime, the first season came out in the Summer 2021 season, it was 12 episodes long and was made by C2C Studios. The 2nd season, as I mentioned is currently airing, the 2nd episode came out just today. The 2nd Season is scheduled for 25 episodes and is made by JC Staff instead.

Side note: this anime features some of my favorite voice actors in some very interesting and weird roles and I love it.


This anime is a little different from a typical isekai plot. The world our MC is transported to is the homeworld of his parents. They wanted to live a peaceful life so they came to Earth. In exchange, they agreed with the goddess to send one of their children to help the other world when needed. Now, funnily enough, the goddess doesn’t need our MC, so she throws him into the world and tells him to do whatever he wants.

So the setup for the plot is kind of unique. Even if the plot kind of falls into the typical isekai stuff down the line, it is still pretty good. The reason I like this anime so much is because it never takes itself too seriously. It knows that some things are cliche and isn’t afraid to make fun of those. Combine this with the surprisingly decent world-building of the series and you have something really fun to watch.


Another reason why this anime is so much fun to watch is the characters. It has some amazing character dynamics. The quibbles between Makoto, Mio, and Tomoe are always incredibly fun. Emma being the only “mature” person at times despite only being a young orc is also very funny. I’d have liked a little more character development in Season 1 but perhaps Season 2 will deliver more on that front. As you know, Season 2 is almost double the length of Season 1. Doesn’t matter that much though because of how silly and fun the character interactions are.

Animations and Soundtracks

I haven’t watched Season 2 yet so I am not sure how the production quality has changed under JC Staff. As for Season 1 though, nothing really stands out. The opening and ending themes are okay and the animations are decent as well. Even the art style is pretty standard.

Summing Up

Why should you watch Moonlit Fantasy?

  • Fun plot
  • Great character interactions
  • Funny as hell
  • Decent world-building

That is all for now! Let me know what you guys think in the comments, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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