Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 Has Been Pretty Good

Key points for Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 First Impressions:

  • Season 2 delves into the background of the heroes summoned by the goddess, providing insights into their arrival and activities in the new world.
  • Hibiki’s engaging storyline, Shiki’s unique dynamic with Makoto, and Mio’s continued character development contribute to the anime’s appeal.
  • While the season hasn’t seen major events yet, the larger episode count suggests the build-up to significant plot twists, with hopes for a well-constructed narrative.

Yes, I finally got around to checking out this anime. I wanted to for a while but these past few weeks, I just didn’t get the time to. But I think it was better this way. Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 is scheduled to be 25 episodes long so it’s better to get in a few extra episodes compared to a 12/13 episode anime before talking about it. So yeah, I watched all 6 episodes that are currently out and I have to say, quite liked them.

So welcome back to another article and today I want to talk about Moonlit Fantasy Season 2. Moonlit Fantasy in general is a pretty good isekai, it does have its issues but if you are looking for something enjoyable, this will suffice. And the same goes for Season 2. So let’s get right into it!

What do I think of Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 so far?

We had been hearing about the heroes the goddess summoned with her powers. And the first 3 episodes of Season 2 were kind of their background. How and when they were summoned to this world and what have they been up to since then. This also gives us the reason why Makoto was teleported to the battlefield near the end of Season 1. So it was cool to see that overlap. This little side arc gave us a few more characters and some cool fight scenes. HIbiki’s story in particular after arriving in this world was pretty good. While Tomoki is a douche.

Aside from that, nothing too big has happened in this season so far. I am sure that we are building towards something big here though. There has to be a reason why they showed us the backstory of the heroes at this time in particular. My one issue with this anime is that plot twists seemingly come out of nowhere and are not built up properly. I hope that season 2 with its larger episode count can remedy that issue. Plot twists need a good build-up to stick. Random plot twists can work sometimes but too many of them are not good for the plot.

As for the characters, I already mentioned that Hibiki had a pretty good story and her character is pretty good too. I also appreciate Shiki a lot since he has a different dynamic with Makoto compared to Mio and Tomoe. I also liked the character development Mio had towards the end of Season 1 and it looks like Season 2 is continuing on that path. Aside from that, the production quality of the show is still pretty similar to Season 1 and I don’t mind that at all. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 has been pretty good and it has the potential to be really good so I look forward to future episodes. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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