Moriarty the Patriot, Manga Recommendation!

Key points for Manga Recommendation – Moriarty the Patriot

  • Moriarty the Patriot offers a fresh take on the classic Sherlock Holmes story by focusing on the main antagonist, James Moriarty, portraying him as a complex character with a mission to eradicate nobility and help the poor.
  • The series shines when Moriarty and Sherlock engage in a battle of wits, providing a thrilling and entertaining dynamic. The evolution of their relationship adds depth to the narrative.
  • The manga’s art, set in a vibrant European setting, particularly London, adds to the enjoyment. The artist’s portrayal of characters, including Sherlock and Moriarty, along with the attention to detail in the environment, enhances the overall storytelling experience.

Man, what a joy has it been catching up with this manga. I did an anime recommendation for this series a while, ago and I was surprised to learn that Moriarty the Patriot manga is still ongoing even though the anime ended Season 2 on a pretty conclusive note.

So yeah, reading the manga was like starting the series all over again. It is not too different from the anime up to a certain point. But after a certain point, I have to say, the manga is just much better.

So welcome back to another edition of our manga recommendation series. This week we are talking about Moriarty the Patriot. Let’s get started!


Moriarty the Patriot or Yukoku no Moriarty is written by Takeuchi Ryosuke and illustrated by Miyoshi Hikaru. It has been serialized in the Jump SQ magazine since August 2016. And as I mentioned, it is still ongoing. It has two seasons of anime adaptation as well. While the anime is pretty good, the season 2 ending is pretty different from the manga. But you can watch that too if you like though.


As the name suggests, this manga is a retelling of the classic Sherlock Holmes story by putting the spotlight on the main antagonist, James Moriarty. Unlike the original novels, this manga does not portray him as a mere criminal. In the manga, he is a criminal but he is driven by a desire to eradicate nobility and help the poor by any and all means possible.

Even though it borrows heavily from Sherlock Holmes, this manga has more than enough originality to make it fun. The overall plot of Moriarty’s rise to power and his schemes is really fun to watch, The series is at its best though when Sherlock and Moriarty are directly against each other in a battle of wits. It is really thrilling.


James and Sherlock are exceptionally well-written characters in this manga. This makes their back-and-forth all the more entertaining to watch. I love how their relationship evolves over the course of the story as well, and every interaction they have is a joy to watch. There are some really cool side characters in the series too like Mycroft, I like the take on his character as well.


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The art is pretty awesome as well. I love to see a European setting in a manga and this manga delivers just that. London looks amazing. And I love how different events actually affect the city. And then the character designs are really good as well. I love the artist’s take on Sherlock and Moriarty. Everything from clothing to the environment design fit the vibe of the story really well.

Why should you read Moriarty the Patriot?

  • Awesome plot
  • An interesting twist on the familiar Sherlock Holmes setting
  • Great art
  • Reall well-written characters

That is all for now!

So yeah. let me know what you guys think in the comments. I am so glad that I caught up to this manga, been having a blast reading it. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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