Mushoku Tensei Gets an Unaired Episode

Mushoku Tensei

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Isekai is a very wide and open genre. People think that it’s been overused now but, that’s not true after all so many good isekai series still come out and people like them. Take World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated as an Aristocrat for example. It may seem like a typical long-named isekai at first but, believe it or not, it managed to surpass Demon Slayer and Squid Game on the Japanese Netflix rankings. It’s a great anime and I really recommend watching it.

Mushoku Tensei is one of the oldest and most famous isekais. It is also one of the most detailed series when it comes to world-building. The anime is currently in its second cour and it is as popular as ever. Any news related to Mushoku Tensei is currently a high priority so here we are. Today, we have rather interesting news. So here we go.

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What is this “Unaired” episode from Mushoku Tensei?

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As the name suggests, this episode wasn’t aired along with the series like normal but they still made it. I don’t know why they did not air it but, I won’t speculate on that much. There could be multiple potential reasons behind it and we don’t exactly have the luxury to discuss them all.

Looking at the skipped content in the Mushoku Tensei anime, this unaired episode could have been in multiple places but, Studio Bind has clearly told us what the unaired episode will contain. But, they probably skipped this episode to maintain the continuity between episodes 16 and 17 because Paul and Rudy’s interactions were important.

This unaired episode from Mushoku Tensei takes place alongside the normal episode 16. It will detail what Eris and Ruijerd were doing while Paul and Rudy were having their fight. It will tell us what exactly Eris and Ruijerd were doing when they went “Goblin Extermination”.

This episode will be bundled together with Mushiku Tensei anime’s 4th Blu-ray volume. The volume is set to release on 16th March 2022 (just a day after my birthday). The 4th volume will contain episodes 18 to 23.

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When I heard Msuhoku Tensei is getting an unaired episode, I was really happy. I was expecting it to be Paul’s side of the journey to Milis or something like that from the skipped content to give more context and background to the story. When I heard it was the goblin extermination part though, I was a tad bit disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, that part is still really fun and interesting. It is also worth an episode but, I was just expecting something else. Oh well, we can’t help it now. I am still really excited for this episode though because I know that this part is great. More Mushoku Tensei is never bad.

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That is it for now. Let me know what you think about this new unaired episode. Are you excited about it or are you like “whatever”.  Also, let me know how you do like the 2nd cour of Mushoku Tensei so far. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!


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