My Dearest Self with Malice Aforethought, Manga Recommendation!

Key takeaways from Manga Recommendation – My Dearest Self with Malice Aforethought:

  • The manga delves into the psychological struggles of the protagonist, Eiji, in a realistic and impactful manner, making it a compelling read.
  • Eiji’s character development shines, supported by nuanced side characters like Kyouka, Sai, and Momoi, enhancing the overall narrative.
  • With a concise 98 chapters and skillful pacing, the manga offers an intense and thrilling experience that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Wow, why didn’t I pick up this manga before? I know the name sounds needlessly long and complex but trust me, when you read the manga, it’ll make sense. So My Dearest Self with Malice Aforethought is short but it is impactful. This manga will still be in your mind for a while after you finish it.

Its combination of psychological tones with a realistic setting and aspects really makes it hit home. The amazing pacing adds to the suspense and mystery of the series. It does not overstay its welcome and ends at the perfect time.

So yeah, welcome back to another edition of our manga recommendation series. Today we are talking about My Dearest Self with Malice Aforethought.


My Dearest Self with Malice Aforethought is written by Inoru Hajime and illustrated by Itou Shouta. It was serialized in the Comic Days magazine from May 2018 to September 2020. It is pretty short at just 98 chapters compiled in 11 volumes. There is no anime adaptation or anything like that to speak of. So the manga is your only option. But I promise that it is worth the time.


The plot follows Eiji. A normal university student, who spends his days messing around with friends, trying to get a girl or something. One day though, he wakes up beside a girl from his college, Kyouka. She claims to be his girlfriend but Eiji remembers none of that. When he meets his friends, he asks them about what date it is and it is the 27th while it should be the 24th as Eiji remembers it. The story follows Eiji as he investigates what happened during those missing 3 days.

So obviously, the main focus of the plot is the psychological issues that Eiji faces. They’re represented incredibly well. As I said, the touch of realism only makes this manga spookier. Then there is the whole mystery aspect of the plot which is really well done too, the quick pacing really helps the series.


Honestly, I could dedicate this whole paragraph to Eji himself. All the psychological stuff puts a lot of attention on his character which gives the author a really good chance to write his character in way more detail than the others. And the author does just that. His character writing and development throughout the series are top-notch. Then we have some pretty good side characters as well. Kyouka plays a bigger role in the story than you think. There are Sai and Momoi who add nuance and tension to the plot.


As you may expect from a Sienen, the art goes for a realistic feel. The art style is dark and gritty and uses the shading really well to convey emotions. Also, some scenes look really scary, like some scenes are borderline haunting.

Why should you read My Dearest Self with Malice Aforethought?

Quick pointers on why you should check out this manga:

  • Amazing plot
  • Great character writing
  • Good art
  • Short and sweet with a lot of suspense and thrill

Wrapping up

That is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. My Dearest Self with Malice Aforethought may not be for everyone but if you can stomach it, it is an awesome manga and an engaging read. That said though, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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