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Article at a glance:

  • “My Deer Friend Nokotan” follows ex-delinquent Koshi Torako and her chaotic interactions with deer-antlered transfer student Noko, whose nose can sniff out Torako’s hidden past.
  • The anime is produced by WIT Studio with direction by Oota Masahiko and features an iconic opening theme sung by the four lead voice actresses.
  • The anime promises nonsensical, over-the-top comedy akin to “Nichijou” and “Gintama,” providing pure chaotic fun and laughter.
Of course, we start on a JoJo reference

From all the trailers and stuff I have seen from My Deer Friend Nokotan, this anime might just be the closest thing to Nichijou Season 2 we will ever get. We rarely get these nonsensical, over-the-top comedies these days, and man, I miss stuff like Nichijou and Gintama. And it looks like this anime might just scratch that itch. I highly recommend giving the trailer a watch. It makes no sense, it is chaotic and fun as hell, and that one trailer alone sold me on this anime, as if that catchy opening wasn’t enough.

You’ve already the opening. I refuse to believe that you haven’t heard Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan yet. That is impossible. That song is everywhere at the moment in the anime community and that was a genius marketing move lol. But for now, I will put that iconic opening aside, and just talk about My Deer Friend Nokotan. So welcome back to another edition of Put This on Your Radar, the series where we take a look at upcoming anime. You know what we’re here to talk about, let’s get started.

Yes, I listened to the whole thing. It was life-changing

What do we know about My Deer Friend Nokotan?

First of all, whoever localized that name to English deserves a pat on the back. It is very fitting with the tone of the anime lol. What is this anime about anyway? Well, it’s about Deers, duh! So our protagonist, Koshi Torako used to be a delinquent but she has since moved on to be an ideal student. One day though, this girl with deer antlers, Noko transfers to her class and her deer nose can “smell” out Torako’s hidden past. And then just pure chaos ensues. Does it make sense? No. Do I care? No. Just the sheer absurdity of the plot put a smile on my face.

WIT Studio will be making this anime so you can already imagine what kind of animation quality we are going to get. It will be directed by Oota Masahiko. That iconic opening theme is also sung by the four lead voice actresses, Han Megumi, Fujita Saki, Tanabe Rui, and Izumi Fuuka. And of course, the anime will start airing on July 7th. And I believe that covers all the important details. You can check out the second PV here, it is really funny.

My Thoughts

I don’t know what to even tell you that I haven’t said already. And if you watch that PV, you will know exactly how I feel lol. I really look forward to this anime now. Nothing too deep, just pure chaotic fun every week and something that makes me laugh till my stomach hurts. We had KnoSuba Season 3 this season and it looks like our weekly dose of comedy will be safe in the hands of this anime.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. My Deer Friend Nokotan will be a blast to watch and I look forward to it. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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