My Happy Marriage is Actually Really Good

Key takeaways from My Happy Marriage – First Impressions:

  1. “My Happy Marriage” is a romance anime with a kind of Cinderella-inspired plot, featuring a protagonist forced into an arranged engagement for political reasons.
  2. The anime surprises viewers with unexpected elements, introducing supernatural abilities in its Meiji era setting, adding depth to the story beyond standard romance tropes.
  3. Overall, “My Happy Marriage” stands out as a romance anime with impressive character development and a solid plot, earning a favorable rating of 8/10 for its first three episodes.
They made a comb an important thing somehow

I just had a passing interest in this anime at first. You know, I am a romance fan and a romance anime with this kind of setting is pretty rare. But My Happy Marriage continued to reel me in with every episode. Despite the use of some cliche tropes, this anime actually has a pretty good story.

Yes, despite the cheesy-sounding name, this anime has some really impressive character work and a good story. The story in particular surprised me, there are quite a few unexpected elements in it.

So welcome back to another first impressions article. Today we are talking about the series, My Happy Marriage. So let’s get started.

What do I think about My Happy Marriage?

To start, the plot is kind of Cinderella-inspired. The protagonist’s father was forced to marry her mother because of political stuff but he loved someone else. When her mother passed away, his father brought in his lover, and like most stepmothers in fiction, she treated Miyo very harshly, They even cut down her mother’s favorite Sakura tree when she was young. Miyo was then engaged to Kudou Kiyoka for political reasons of course.

Kudou had a pretty bad reputation because of all of his finances before Miyo ran away because they got scared of him. But as you might expect, Kudou is actually a good dude. He purposefully scared away his previous fiances because he knew they were after his money. He even tested Miyo before eventually warming up to her a little. Kudou is someone who doesn’t let their guard down easily. So it is nice to see him accept Miyo bit by bit as he learns more about her and what kind of environment she grew up in.

Man, the eyes in this anime are so pretty

Pretty standard romance stuff so far, right? Well here’s the twist. Miyo’s biological mother was apparently from a family that had supernatural abilities to affect the human mind. Yes, certain supernatural abilities do exist in this anime’s world. Kudou’s unit is made up of these special-ability users. Miyo shows no signs of having any abilities but it is strongly implied that she may. There is another family that wants Miyo because of her unique bloodline as well.

This whole supernatural ability thing and the Meiji era setting add to the plot and make it interesting. The romance stuff is the bait but the story is the real hook here, in my opinion.


That is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. My Happy Marriage is a surprisingly deep romance SOL. You usually don’t expect a deep plot from a romance anime but this is one of the few that does have a good plot. For the 3 episodes I watched, I give this anime an easy 8/10. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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