My Happy Marriage, Mid-Season Review!

Key takeaways from My Happy Marriage mid-seeason review:

  1. The anime exceeded expectations with its captivating Cinderella-like story filled with unexpected twists and turns.
  2. The character Kaya stands out as a truly hateable antagonist, adding a personal and realistic dimension to the conflicts.
  3. Episodes 5 and 6 delivered a satisfying conclusion to a mini-arc, showcasing character development, family dynamics, and the potential for a compelling future direction.

I said this in my first impressions article too, I don’t think anyone expected this anime to be good. But as soon as we started watching, we were all surprised by how great it was. My Happy Marriage is a Cinderella-like story but it has its own twists and turns.

Not to mention, I think it is for the first time after Shield Hero that we have seen a female character who is so hateable. It is hard to write detestable characters and this anime succeeded in writing a very good one.

So welcome back to another one of my mid-season reviews, today I will be talking about My Happy Marriage! Let’s get started.

What do I think of My Happy Marriage?

There will beΒ minor spoilers for episodes 5 and 6 ahead.Β Be warned!

We saw all the politics and stuff the series had been building up to, come to fruition in episode 5. The Saimori family abducts Miyo to force her to break off her marriage with Kiyoka. The Tatsuishi family wants her lineage, the blood of the Usuba clan to stay in the Saimori and Tatsuishi families. And I have to say, it is rare to see someone as detestable as Kaya as a character.

Often, we don’t feel a personal connection to villains because their objectives are too grand. However, Kaya takes pleasure in making Miyo miserable, which makes things feel closer to home, as it feels more real. This character is so unlikeable that you cannot help but hope for her downfall. Heck, using “unlikeable” is very mild for what Kaya and her mother have done so far. Now they can leverage her character as much as they like to give the audience the satisfaction of seeing her break, eventually.

What can I say more? Episodes 5 and 6 were amazing. The mini-arc had a satisfying conclusion, we see character development for characters like Kouiji, and even his brother. We learn a little more about the situation between all the families. Kiyoka gets to show off how badass he is. I wish in the future, we get a more detailed look into why Miyo is so valuable to the Tatsuishi family. I know it is because of the Usuba bloodline but it would be good to have more details on it.


So yeah, that is all for now. The plot has been really, really good so far. Really curious to see what direction they take it in after episode 6. Cause I honestly feel like they could’ve even closed the season on these two episodes and no one would complain. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Don’t sleep on My Happy Marriage, go check it out, chances are you will love it. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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