My Hero Academia Season 5 First Impressions

My Hero Academia Season 5 First Impressions

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My Hero Academia Season 5 First Impressions

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So, the 1st episode of the much-awaited My Hero Academia Season 5Β just dropped today and I decided to make a sort of review of the episode. Don’t worry, I will avoid spoilers as much as possible and for the better or worse, nothing major happened in the 1st episode. The actual major stuff is going to start from the 2nd episode. So even if I tell you everything about what happened in the 1st episode, it won’t spoil anything even if you are not up to date with the anime. So let’s get this going:

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Episode contents

As I said earlier, nothing major happened during the 1st episode. The episode opens with the recap of the awesome fight between Endeavor and the enhanced Nomu that took place at the end of season 4. After the recap, we cut to the opening, and then there is a training session of class 1A. That’s all. Nothing more happened in the episode. The only thing that had plot relevance in this episode was the post-ending credits scene. The scene was kinda spoilery so I won’t tell you what happened in it.

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The animations and art styles are more or less the same. The Endeavor fight was most probably reanimated instead of recycling because it sort of looked better. The soundtrack was the same, just the way I like it. You know, the soundtrack in that fight was already awesome so why bother changing it. Other than this recap scene, the 1st episode did not have any other scene to show off the animations yet.

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The 1st episode was really a little more than a spoiler, serving as a recap for the last few scenes of the last episode and reminding us about all the members of class 1A and their quirks. The interesting thing about the episode was the post-ending credits scene. It revealed quite a few things and the preview was interesting as well. That is the reason I said that the important stuff will start from the 2nd episode. The only purpose of this episode was to serve as a soft recap and remind us about things we may have forgotten.

As someone who has read the manga, (I am not up to date with the manga but, I am quite a bit further than where the anime is) I can promise that the upcoming arc is going to be amazing. Deku is going to get an amazing power-up and we will see a hero dealing with a few villains in the shadows. The plot is going to get more interesting from here on out. If you have not caught up to the anime, I suggest you do it soon because this season will be amazing. A lot of amazing scenes are coming up so prepare yourself.

This is all I have for now. Again, I suggest you catch up with the anime because, from the 2nd episode onwards, the anime is really going to pick up the pace. Well, let me know down in the comments what you thought of the 1st episode of the 5th season. As usual, do not forget to check out my other articles and the awesome art section we have on our website. With that being said, see ya!!


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