My Hero Academia Season 6 is Just Crazy…

19 episodes in, and this season keeps on surprising me. I knew exactly what was going to happen, yet the execution of everything is really well done. And I think the anime improved the pacing of the story as well. Maybe it’s just me, but it definitely feels like it. Now, my poor anime-only buddies probably fainted in at least a few scenes in My Hero Academia Season 6. It is an amazing season, although I do have a few complaints.

My final review for My Hero Academia Season 6 will come in about 3-4 weeks from now, but after the recent stuff, I feel like I should talk about the season a bit. So here we are in this weird “pre-review” kind of article. You know, don’t think about it too much, I just wanted to talk about the series. I have some thoughts on the recent things and this is a good time to put them down. So let’s start.

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My Thoughts on My Hero Academia Season 6

There will be MAJOR SPOILERS ahead because I will be talking about the Dabi thing as well. So only proceed if you know what I mean or you don’t mind spoilers.

What Works:

Let’s start with what the recent episodes got right. The recent episodes absolutely nailed the character monologues and backstories. The backstories are really well integrated into the anime. As I said earlier, I think the anime also improved quite a bit on the pacing front. And the direction for the Dabi back story reveals and stuff around that is phenomenal.

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Endeavour’s character development really plays well into all of this. I was worried for a moment that they will wipe out his past crimes, but they did not. And they actually gave a fair “justification” for it as well. He is just someone who didn’t know how to be a father, only driven by his goal of surpassing All Might. In the present, he understands his mistakes and tries to correct them, even though he is faced with his own son. Well done. I am hoping all this contributes more to Shoto in the future, cause he has been kind of sidelined from the story at this moment.

What Doesn’t Work:

Now my complaint is that Deku’s decision to leave UA is stupid. The enemy knows your name and face, they can still easily take your friends and family if they wanted to. Well if they don’t, that means they are stupid as well. There is no benefit of leaving UA aside from the fact that he doesn’t have to hide his Quirk outside. And then, I think Shigaraki got done dirty. He was such an awesome written villain, why did you have to override his whole personality with All for One? Shigaraki is a much better villain than All for One in my opinion; he’s just better written all around.

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That was all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I think this arc is by far the peak of My Hero Academia Season 6. Even though I have a few complaints, I think this whole season is awesome. If you can look past the weird fanbase, MHA is pretty good. Easy 8/10 for this season as of now. Of course, it is all my opinion. I will take my leave here now. See ya!!

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