My Hero Academia Season 7, Let’s Talk About It

Key points for My Hero Academia Season 7 Concerns:

  • I genuinely worry about the upcoming season of My Hero Academia. This article isn’t fueled by hate but aims to discuss why I may not enjoy it and set expectations for the readers.
  • The primary reason for my anticipated disappointment lies in the manga’s plot trajectory post the Vigilante arc in Season 6. I have concerns about a decline in plot structure, character growth, and meaningful payoffs in the series.
  • While I acknowledge that the animated adaptation may enhance the experience through impactful fight scenes, I believe the anime’s pacing could help mitigate some of the plot issues. However, I’m cautious about fundamental writing problems that may persist.

Once again, I’d like to clarify that this article does not come from a place of hate or malice, I am genuinely concerned about My Hero Academia Season 7 and I’d like to talk about it. I won’t comment on how it will be received or anything like that. This article is to discuss why I most likely won’t like the season and to set your expectations for the upcoming arc. And of course, as such, this article will be spoiler-free.

So welcome to… I don’t even know what to call this article. Welcome to a discussion, I guess? Today I will be breaking down what you can expect from My Hero Academia Season 7. And why I don’t look forward to this season and probably won’t review it. I don’t like writing negative articles but in cases like this, I have to. So yeah, let’s get right into it.

Why Won’t I like My Hero Academia Season 7?

If you have been reading the manga, the answer to this question will be obvious to you. For people who don’t know, the plot of the manga takes a nose dive after the Vigilante arc we saw in Season 6. Season 6 had a lot of issues of its own and the Vigilante arc is a goldmine of wasted potential, Season 6 worked because there was still a structure and a payoff. And the character arcs in Season 6 were also pretty damn well done like the Dabi reveal.

Starting from the Vigilante arc though, the series starts abandoning its plot structure and character growth simply for cool moments. I know that cool moments and fights will come off as better in the anime compared to the manga because obviously, animation helps. But that doesn’t change the fact that the plot goes downright stupid in the final arc. We get needless cliffhangers, moments that don’t mean anything in the long run, characters who should have gotten time to shine get their moments taken away consistently, and whatnot.

I already did a massive article on how the series did Shigaraki dirty. And this season will showcase that as well along with all the plot issues I mentioned. MHA has always followed the foreshadowing, execution, and payoff formula. Post vigilante arc, the series only focuses on the execution part with little to no payoffs and almost no foreshadowing at all. That is why I don’t look forward to Season 7 and I probably won’t even review it because I don’t want to spread more negativity about the series online. There is enough as is.

What can the anime do differently to help?

Well, as I said, the fight scenes will have a bigger impact in the anime compared to the manga, So I think a lot of people won’t even notice these plot issues. Aside from that, the anime can only help with the pacing. Because as I mentioned, these issues are very deeply rooted in the writing. And to fix them, the anime team will need to rewrite a lot of stuff. Which I don’t think they will do.

That is all for now

Again, I don’t really like writing negative articles, but I think this was necessary. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya.

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