My Home Hero: Mid-season review

Key takeaways from My Home Hero: Mid-season review

  • The anime adaptation of My Home Hero is disappointing due to poor animations and a fast pace that robs the viewer of attachment to the characters, reducing the impact of certain scenes.
  • Tezuka Productions, which is responsible for the adaptation, has a reputation for messing up anime adaptations, and this latest one is no exception.
  • Despite the animation and pacing issues, the core plot of the series is interesting, and the opening and ending themes are noteworthy. The reviewer recommends checking out the manga for a better experience.

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I write this review with a very heavy heart, I have really been enjoying the series so far but I have to be objective about certain things as a reviewer. I usually don’t like to rant about things but the state of My Home Hero makes me want to do that. Ah man, this reminds me of The Angel Next Door all over again. A good series marred by a bad adaptation. I expressed my concerns when I saw Tezuka Productions were the ones handling this series and it looks like they were on point…

So welcome back to another one of my mid-season reviews. Let’s talk about My Home Hero today. I do not feel good writing this review but I have to. It is my job to do so. I will probably drop the anime after this… we’ll see. For now, though, let’s talk about why I am so disappointed right now.

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What is the issue with My Home Hero?

If you have watched the anime, you should’ve guessed it already. It is the animations. The animations are like 10-15 fps… you can almost count the frames in certain scenes. The show reeks of low budget/effort and outsourcing. And you know, this is the first time, Tezuka Production is kind of (in)famous for messing up anime adaptations. I did not expect a god-tier adaptation, I just wanted something with decent animations and yet we did not get even that much.

If the issues stopped at the animations, it’d be fine but they extend to the story as well. The pace of the anime is much faster than the manga on average. Don’t get me wrong, the faster pace does work in certain sections but most of the time it just robs you of the attachment you should’ve had to a said character. This reduces the impact of certain scenes like the ending of episode 4. All this is really a shame because the core plot of this series is really interesting.

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I usually don’t do this, but please go check out the manga. if you are looking for a suspense manga, this manga will not disappoint. I already know the plot so the weird pacing issues did not affect me as much and I was having fun aside from the animations. But talking to a few friends I realized how needlessly fast the anime is. But you know, I have to praise the anime for the awesome opening and ending themes though. Everything aside, those two songs are pretty good.


That is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I am very disappointed at the state of My Home Hero right now. Even then, I’ll give it a 6/10 because the plot is still interesting. With that said though, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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