Na Nare Hana Nare, Put This on Your Radar!

Key points for Put This on Your Radar – Na Nare Hana Nare:

  • Stumbling upon the Na Nare Hana Nare teaser, it instantly brought a smile to my face, and I can already envision myself enjoying the anime if it captures the same vibe.
  • I’m optimistic about Na Nare Hana Nare because it’s an original project by PA Works, known for works like Angel Beats, and directed by Koudai Kakimoto, who has a good track record with the BanG Dream series.
  • I’m drawn to this anime for its promise of wholesome fun. Even without knowing the plot, the teaser’s lighthearted and enjoyable tone is exactly what I look for in anime at times.

So I was rather annoyed about something. Apparently free shit is all that matter to some people, well I guess I shouldn’t expect any different from a gacha community. But it does get annoying after a certain point. Either way, I got annoyed, shut off Reddit, and stumbled on the teaser for Na Nare Hana Nare. And that teaser brought an instant smile to my face. If the anime is anything like this, I already see myself liking it.

So welcome back to another edition of Put This on Your Radar – the series where we take a look at upcoming anime that caught our eye. Just like the last article, today we are also talking about an original anime. Na Nare Hana Nare doesn’t have big names involved but it could turn out to be a cute and wholesome anime. Perfect to watch after a long day. That is why I am featuring it here. So let’s talk about it!

What do we know about Na Nare Hana Nare?

This anime is an original project by PA Works. PA Works has made things like Angel Beats, Buddy Dadies, Another, etc. I’m pretty sure Buddy Dadies was their last original anime and it is really good. At PA Works, this anime will be directed by Koudai Kakimoto, the director of the BanG Dream series. Another series that is pretty well received. So we are off to a great start already but that is not all.

The main cast of the anime consists of an amazing group of Rika Nakagawa, Yuki Nakashima, Larissa Takeda Tago, Manaka Iwami, Moe Kahara, and Miku Itou. Miku Itou is among one of my favorite VAs/ We don’t have a confirmed release season yet but we do know that this anime is scheduled to air sometime this year. I have no clue what the plot of this anime will be about but it shouldn’t matter much as SOL anime are almost always more character-driven. And of course, you can check out the teaser I mentioned here!

What do I think?

Unlike the last anime I talked about, Lazarus, I was drawn to this anime purely because of how fun it looks. I have no idea what the plot is going to be like. But the trailer was wholesome and fun. And that is exactly what I want from my animes at times! Sometimes you just need something plain dumb fun to watch. This anime looks like it will fill that mold perfectly and I am all for it. Although, I am pretty sure it’s still a few months away from release. Otherwise, they’d have announced the release season in this recent update.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. As you can tell, I am pretty excited about Na Nare Hana Nare. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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