Our Top 15 Naruto Artwork For You to See

It is impossible to be an anime fan and not know of Naruto.

The anime boasts of a blinding number of followers across the globe. With 235 million copies sold worldwide, it is the third bestselling manga of all times! Needless to say, there is no dearth of awesome Naruto artwork being shared out there. In fact, the sheer number of characters and phases in Naruto make it impossible for the anime art world to run out of ideas for creating some fantastic Naruto artwork!

That’s why we’ve picked the 15 best Naruto artwork for you to see. Here is our list of the top 15 Naruto artworks (in no particular order).

1. Naruto Eyes by @c.f_arts on Instagram

Eyes are important entities in Naruto.  Different eye patterns and colors are derivative of different modes which decide how strong the character will be in the upcoming fight. In this tribute, @c.f_arts has breathed life into seven legendary Naruto character’s eyes, giving them an identity of their own. From Naruto to Sasuke, Itachi, Shisui, Kushina, Minato, and Kakashi, each one of these eyes is filled with a concoction of vivid colors so perfect that you can’t take your eyes off these eyes!

2. Naruto & 9 Tailed Beast by Tolg Art on YouTube

Tolg Art’s rendition of Naruto and his nine-tailed beast is a half-and-a-half image. He draws this image with a black pen followed and fills it up with a black marker. Notice how he carefully fills certain parts and leaves some of them white in order to create the light effect. Towards the end of the video, he fills up some of these white parts with a red Copic marker, bringing out a breathtakingly evil form of Naruto’s monster through his art.

3. Naruto and Kyuubi by @friky_draws on Instagram

The nine-tailed beast is at the heart of Naruto, quite literally, because the monster was sealed into him as a child. Although there are many ways in which one can depict their bond, @friky_draws has used her celestial shading and realistic coloring techniques to ‘bring out” the orange monster in Naruto in this art. The use of coloring over the Naruto sketch to make the Kyuubi pop-out is simply amazing and is flawlessly done!

 4. Naruto by @shir.k.art on Instagram 

It takes some real anime love to come up with art like this. This art by @shir.k.art is original on so many levels that you have to look closely to take in all its amazing features. Firstly, there’s the main evil-looking Naruto staring right into your eyes from the canvass. Secondly, if you take a closer look at his headband, you can see a series of distressed Narutos, an indicative of the suffering that has led to the monster that he has become today. Topped with some skillful use of pencil shadings, this art is one of the most phenomenal Naruto artworks out there!

5. How to Draw Uchiha Shisuis Sharingan By Yair Sasson Art on YouTube

As we’ve already said, Naruto’s character’s eyes have a life of their own. No wonder it takes some hard work for artist Yair Sasson Art to get Sasuke’s Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan right but, the final design is simply amazing! In this YouTube video, you can clearly see how he lays out everything, from the curvature of the eyebrows to the design in the pupils so calculatively.  The end result is nothing short of a geometrical marvel!

6. Hinata & Himawari Sketch by @art_by_mery on Instagram

Naruto and Hinata’s love story is one of the most coveted parts of this series and Himawari rightly symbolizes their eternal love. @art_by_mery’s larger-than-life Hinata-Himawari pencil sketch will take your breath away. Each stroke of Hinata’s long hair and each of the welts and fold on her and Himawari are so precisely done that it takes you a moment to take in this sketch and awe that this wonderful masterpiece that it is.

7. Naruto & Sasuke by SaikouPuff on YouTube


Our list would be incomplete without an artwork that paired the protagonist Naruto against his antagonist Sasuke. The artist SaikouPuff has kept it simple with the colors: yellow or Naruto and purple for Sasuke. However, take a closer look at both the halves of the paper. In Naruto, you see his Kyuubi-vertical slit eyes and his nine-tailed monster. In Sasuke’s eyes, you see the Rinnegan and his significantly larger Complete Body — Susanoo, comparable to Naruto’s Tailed Beast Mode. The details simply amaze you!

8. Naruto by @_gabzilon28 on Instagram

There is a beauty in simplicity often overlooked even in art. Ever wondered how our little Naruto Uzumaki looks all grown up? This simple yet beautiful sketch by @_gabzilon28 paints a picture of a grown-up Naruto. The artist has used various shading techniques and most importantly, worked upon light areas to create a vivid sketch of Naruto. All the light areas, right from Naruto’s hair to the crevices of his neck are beautifully touched upon making this simple sketch wonderful and unique in its own way!

9. Naruto – Rasengan in 3D by Yair Sasson Art on YouTube


This art video by Yair Sasson Art starts with an innocent albeit small caricature of Naruto on a simple canvass paper. It is only towards the end that you realize the real deal with it. Well, as it turns out, our artist skillfully brings out Naruto with the Rasengan chakra in his hand in 3D! The way he plays with Naruto’s shadow and cuts out the paper at a peculiar angle makes it seem as Naruto is charging towards you with the Rasengan in his hand and gives a 3D feel to this 2D art!

10. Minato and Kushina by @will_willd on Instagram

We’re glad someone took a moment to appreciate Naruto’s parents through their anime art! Our extremely talented artist @will_willd has drawn this dramatic scene with young Minato and Kushina in love, a love that would give rise to a child that would change the shinobi world forever. His romantic re-creation of this couple is breathtaking. The way in which he has colored this piece makes it a stellar piece of art you find difficult to take your eyes off.

11. Hinata Hyuga Painting by Stanley Artgerm Lau on YouTube

So pretty is our protagonist’s waifu that she casts the same spell on us no matter how you draw her, be it on paper or as digital art. Shinigami Arts takes some time (8 hours, to be precise) to complete this radiating Hinata digital art(called “Love Beyond Cherry Blossoms”) on Corel Painter and Photoshop tools but the final image of her is so surreal that surrounded by pretty pink petals, she looks exactly like the girl that graces your happy dreams!

12. Kakashi by @trimnie on Instagram

It takes you a moment to take in this Kakashi art by @trimnie. There’s an underlying Kakashi pencil sketch that is beautifully done in various dark shades, followed by an overlapping Sharingan, which is filled with colors. But wait! The circle at the center of the Sharingan is left uncolored, just shaded too! We bet it took our artist some time in coming up with such a complex drawing concept. But the end result justifies every bit of her efforts!

13. Naruto Team 7, 8, 9, 10 and The Sand Siblings by Scarlet Drawings on YouTube


Scarlet Drawings’ poster comprising of 15 anime characters laid across a 5 x 3 grid is one of the most comprehensive Naruto artworks out there. The artist carefully lays out each and every character and their emotions on their face, and then fills them up with their characteristic colors using pencil colors. Towards the end, you have a large-sized poster you would like to hand behind your bed if you want some amazingly drawn Naruto characters looking down on you!

14. 3D Kakashi with Zabuza Sword by @patart9 on Instagram

@patart has his own way of conceptualizing all of his anime art. In this art, Kakashi is seen holding the auspicious and powerful weapon the Zabuza Sword. With the shadow and the paper cut at a unique angle, our artist manages to make Kakashi look 3D.  The electric blue light around the sword is an indicative of Kakashi channelizing the lightning-natured chakra through it, an attribute that strengthens the sword’s cutting power.

15. Hinata Hyuga by Shinigami Arts on YouTube

This image of Hinata Hyuga may seem like the most common reference for a Hinata art but very few artists can do justice to it, especially in terms of coloring, like our artists Shinigami Arts does. In this detailed video, you can clearly see how Shinigami Arts not only draws Hinata perfectly, but he also colors her in a phenomenal manner. He takes due care and fills up each small corner so skillfully that if you skip the video and see the finished drawing, it almost seems like digital art!

So there you go! We know some of these are so good that you can’t take your eyes off them! But if you had to pick a favorite, which one would it be? Share your choice with us in the comments section below!

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