New Gundam Anime Coming in the Summer

New Gundam Anime Coming in the Summer

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Gundam needs no introduction. It is one of the OG anime. Gundam has a very significant contribution in separating the mecha genre from the simple “action” genre. It even has a university that specifically studies its storylines and other stuff. A university for an anime series guys! I mean that’s crazy!

That fact alone is enough to explain how famous Gundam is. Most of Gundam’s revenue unsurprisingly comes from the plastic models. Gundam plastic models are really cool and very detailed. Bandai Namco releases new plastic models regularly. Why am I talking about plastic models here? Well the new anime is kinda related to plastic models so

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What do we know about the new anime?

On Tuesday (15th June) Bandai Namco announced this anime. It is going to be a part Gundam Breaker: Battlogue multimedia mix project. It will be a short anime of just 6 episodes. There is no release date yet but it will come out sometime in the summer.

Gundam Breaker is a Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Model) focused game that came out on the PS 3 and PS Vita back in 2013. Later Gundam Breaker Mobile became the first Gundam game on mobile to be released out of Japan when it came out in 2019. The anime is supposed to solidify the connection between the plastic models and the video game series. Now I am not sure what that means but wouldn’t hurt to give this anime a try. Speaking of

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Oooh boy, I am not sure what to say here. I am relatively new to the Gundam series. I don’t know if they have done this type of anime before or not. That’s why I am not really sure when they described this anime project as something to “strengthen” the connection between the games and the plastic models. I should try one of those games, maybe I will get what they are trying to achieve with this anime.

Well, I am guessing they are doing this anime to give a more detailed background to the games and the plastic models. Maybe they are attempting to fill some gaps with this anime, which would explain its short length. I am not quite sure what to expect but, it won’t hurt to give this a try since it is only going to be 6 episodes.

We have all the usual Gundam staff members working on this and like always Sunrise or Bandai Namco Pictures will most probably be the ones to animate it. Who knows, this anime may end being great. I will definitely give this anime a shot though. I may not understand it because I haven’t played the games but we’ll see.

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Well, that is it for now. As I said, I am new to Gundam so if some could tell me what they mean by “strengthening” the connection between the models and the games it would be a huge help. Except for that also, tell me your thoughts on this anime too. As always, stay tuned for more content, and do not forget to check out the awesome art section. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!


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