Ninja Kamui Is Really Fun!

Key points for Ninja Kamui First Impressions:

  • Ninja Kamui successfully captures the essence of a John Wick-style revenge story with its simple yet engaging plot, intense fight choreography, and compelling characters.
  • The anime adopts a retro feel both in its storytelling and art style, featuring smooth animations, well-executed fight scenes, and a touch of hand-drawn charm. The use of CGI, while present, doesn’t detract from the overall nostalgic atmosphere.
  • The voice performances, particularly by Tsuda Kenjiro, Ono Atsushi, and Wakai Yuuki, contribute significantly to the appeal of the characters. The strong voice work adds depth to Higan’s rage and enhances the overall badassery of the cast, elevating the viewing experience.

I hear you like John Wick, me too! I hear you want John Wick in an anime version, me too! And Ninja Kamui is as close as we will get to a John Wick anime. Yes, certain key parts are very different. the vibe of the setting is very different as well. But the plot setup feels similar to John Wick and I mean that as a compliment. I adore a good revenge story and this anime is giving me just that and I love it.

I know that I may be a few weeks late jumping on this Ninja Kamui hype train but I have been busy, man. Had been hearing good things about it and I was not disappointed at all. Now fair warning, this show is not going to appeal to everyone as it has a fair bit of violence and a lot of blood. But if you can take all that, you will have an incredibly fun show on your hands. So let’s talk about it.

What do I think of Ninja Kamui?

This anime is very retro. What do I mean by that? Well, it has a simple story that is carried by amazing fight choreography and good characters. I don’t mind that at all. A decision is made to share the knowledge of ninjutsu to foreign countries by some elder. Our protagonist, Higan does not like that decision and decides to leave because of it. And now he’s being hunted. He managed to hide for a few years under the alias Joe Logan, got a wife, and even had a kid. But as you may expect, things don’t continue that way.

Aside from the plot and the way this anime handles things, something about the art style and animations also feels very retro. Yes, there is a considerable amount of CGI but the way things are animated, I can’t help but wonder if some scenes are hand-drawn. Regardless, the animations are incredibly smooth and the fights, no matter how short are always the highlight of the episode. Despite being fast-paced, it is easy to follow and get immersed in the action. And that is what this anime is for. Not everything makes logical sense but this anime will still reel you in.

I mentioned how good the characters were in this anime. A major contributing factor to the appeal of the characters is their voice work. I was watching the show in Japanese, therefore I will only comment on that. But hearing Tsuda Kenjiro’s voice instantly makes a character more badass so he was a perfect choice to portray Higan. I love how Higan’s rage seeps through his voice in multiple scenes. Other than him, Mike and Emma are awesome characters as well and once again, they are played really well by Ono Atsushi and Wakai Yuuki.

That is all for now!

I give Ninja Kamui an easy 8.5/10. Nothing too complicated just a good old revenge story and yet still compelling because of the strength of its characters and fights. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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