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Article at a glance:

  • Crunchyroll has announced an anime adaptation of the popular Webtoon “Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint” by sing N song and illustrated by Sleepy-C, but details about the studio and staff are still unknown.
  • The story follows Kim, who finds the fictional world of his favorite novel, “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse,” becoming reality, giving him unique knowledge that doesn’t guarantee his success.
  • The author expresses excitement for the anime adaptation, hopes for a faithful rendition, and anticipates more Webtoons gaining anime adaptations to bring new audiences to Manhwa.

So full disclosure, I have not read this Webstoon or Manhwa. But I have heard of it. It is one of the more famous Webtoons like Solo Leveling and Tower of God. But from what I know of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, the story looks to be quite interesting. And the presentation is Webtoons is always top-notch so it looks quite cool as well. So there is plenty to like here and get me excited about this anime.

So welcome back to another edition of Put This on Your Radar, the series where we talk about upcoming anime that caught our eye. And this time, we are taking a look at Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint. Now, we didn’t get much in terms of news since this is just the initial announcement but still, let’s talk about it. And I want this article to serve as an introduction to the Webtoon as well so let’s get started.

What do we know about Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint anime?

The anime will be based on the Webtoon or Manhwa of the same name by sing N song and illustrated by Sleepy-C. The series was originally just a web novel but Sleep-C started drawing the Webtoon adaptation in May 2020 and that has been serialized in Naver since then. The Webtoon is still ongoing. As for the anime, we pretty much know nothing about it. Crunchyroll just announced that they are producing an anime adaptation for this Manhwa and that’s it. They didn’t tell us who is working on the anime or what studio it is under, nothing.

As for the plot, the synopsis I read was quite complex so here is my understanding of it. Our MC, Kim doesn’t consider himself the protagonist of his own life and he lives “through” the MC of a novel he likes, Yoo. The novel, Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse has been going on for a while and long after everyone loses interest in it, Kim keeps reading it and reaches the 3,149th chapter, the final chapter. After that, he suddenly finds the novel’s fiction start to become reality but despite his knowledge of events, Kim’s success is not guaranteed.

So it is kind of like an isekai. But the plot does look interesting to me. So I look forward to seeing how it plays out. And you can check out the announcement trailer here!

My Thoughts

Not much I can say here since I haven’t read the Webtoon, I just know about it. But seeing more anime adaptations for Webtoons does make me happy since it brings new audiences to Manhwa. I just hope that Crunchyroll picks a good studio for this adaptation. I do not doubt that it will be great visually but I don’t want the adaptation to end up like Tower of God where a lot of stuff was cut out from the source. And speaking of ToG, Season 2 starts today, I hope that adaptation is better than Season 1.

But that is all I have to say, really. I look forward to watching this anime whenever it comes out.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint looks interesting and I will keep my eye out for any updates on it. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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