Oshi no Ko is Awesome

Key takeaways from Oshi no Ko mid-season review:

  • Oshi no Ko surprises viewers with a shift from wholesome to dark, exploring the negative side of social media and challenging expectations.
  • Oshi no Ko effectively portrays the harmful effects of social media, offering thought-provoking insights into its impact on individuals and society.
  • The anime excels in character writing, with Aqua as a manipulative protagonist and Akane’s growth adding depth to the story.

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This anime was undoubtedly the biggest surprise of this season so far. I have read the manga so I knew Oshi no Ko would be impactful but I didn’t expect it to blow up as much as it had. The first episode pretty much took the world by storm.

Now that a little time has passed since the release and people have seen what this anime actually is like for the most part, I bet the opinions are starting to shift a bit.

So welcome back to another one of my mid-season reviews. Today let’s finally talk about Oshi no Ko! Before I get started, a quickΒ spoiler warning as I will be mentioning some stuff up to episode 6. With that said, let’s get started!

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What do I think of Oshi no Ko so far?

You got lured into a false sense of security, didn’t you? For a few episodes, the series was wholesome and had a lot of SoL. You got baited into thinking that nothing bad will happen for a while and then episode 6 rolled around, right? That episode did such a good job of showing the dark side of social media. The side of the internet that I truly hate. And unfortunately, these kinds of stories are way too common in real life too.

Well, internet talk aside, Oshi Ko does a fantastic job of luring us into a false sense of security before pulling the rug from under us, You always think you won’t fall for it this time but the series always shocks you when you’re least prepared for it. Aka learned a lot from writing Kaguya and this shows just how much he has improved as a writer since then.

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To further support that statement, the character writing in Oshi no Ko is so good. Aqua is one of the best-written manipulative MCs. He’d do anything for his goal but at the same time, he doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of people close to him. This will become clear in his future interactions with Akane. Speaking of Akane, a lot of people probably won’t like her that much right now, but down the line, she becomes an amazing character. Especially when she gains some confidence in the upcoming arc.


That is all for now. Oshi no Ko has been frankly amazing so far. No oneΒ expected Doga Kobo to deliver this kind of high-quality adaptation. I give the series a solid 9/10. I don’t think this score will change come the end of the season. We will see though. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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