Oshi no Ko… Let’s Talk about it

Key takeaways from Oshi no Ko first impressions:

  • Oshi no Ko is a surprising revenge story disguised as a wholesome idol anime, with a shocking and impactful first episode.
  • The length of the first episode, almost like a movie, was a clever decision by Doga Kobo Studios, and the story was well-executed with unexpected twists and turns.
  • The art style, colorful and bright, along with the opening and ending themes, are appealing, although I am pretty sure that the series will eventually fall in ratings on MAL after the initial shock value of the first episode wears off.

Oshi No Ko startles Kaguya-sama fans as Mangaka's true personality comes to  light

You thought you were in for a kind of wholesome idol anime despite the sort of messed up starting point, right? Well, you’re wrong. Oshi no Ko is a revenge story through and through and it is a good one at that. Hard to believe that the person who wrote something as wholesome as Kaguya-sama also wrote this. well, Aka Akasaka has done a lot of work before that is all I’ll say.

So welcome back to another first impressions article. Let’s talk about the anime that has basically taken over the whole community right now, Oshi no Ko. You thought Demon Slayer would have the most impactful opening episode? Think again lol. So let’s get started. Oh and,Β spoiler warning.

This scene was way too funny. GIF from Tenor~

What do I think about Oshi no Ko?

So the spoiler warning is important because almost everything in the first episode is spoiler worthy; although I am sure that you’ve been spoiled somewhat already thanks to the internet. First off, let’s talk about the sheer length of the first episode. They almost gave us a whole movie as the opening episode and I really like that. One long episode to set the whole background of the story. That was a really clever decision by Doga Kobo Studios.

The story itself… was really well executed.Β ThatΒ scene came out of nowhere and holy shit Ai’s last moments hit hard. I went into this episode blind and oh man, that scene had me real good. I really did not see that coming among the wholesomeness of this episode. Then Aqua’s decision at the end of the episode literally made me catch up with the manga because I could not wait.

Oshi no Ko Anime's New Teasers Confirms April 2023 Premiere - QooApp News

They used the cute side of the first episode really well in their marketing too. No one would think that Oshi no Ko is a story about revenge lol. Speaking of the presentation though, Doga Kobo Studio is doing a really good job so far. The art style looks nice and colorful; a little bright for my taste but I still like it. The opening and ending themes are really good too.


Well, that is it for now. Speaking of ratings, do I think that this anime will fall down on MAL eventually? Absolutely. Even putting aside the potential of review bombs, nothing else in the series will shock you as much as the first episode. Does Oshi no Ko deserve its current rating for the first episode alone? Definitely does. Let me know what you guys think in the comments though. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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