Otonari no Tenshi Sama – First Impressions!

Well, this is one of those random animes I checked out of curiosity. I did not plan on watching this anime at first. But, I saw some stuff about it and decided that it should be fun to check out. And the first episode definitely was quite interesting. Otonari no Tenshi Sama looks like a typical rom-com so far but, I have no problem with that. I am a sucker for rom-coms after all.

So welcome back to another edition of our “First Impressions” articles. Today I am talking about Otonari no Tenshi Sama. As I said, I started this anime mostly on a whim but, ended up enjoying the first episode a lot. So while I look forward to the 2nd episode, here is what I think about the first episode. I feel like this will be a fun series in the long run so let’s get started.

What do I think about Otonari no Tenshi Sama so far?

Once again, all I say here is based on the first episode only. It just came out yesterday if I remember correctly. The story follows Amane, who sees his classmate sitting alone in a part in the rain. It is later revealed that she’s the “idol” of their class, nicknamed “Angle” because of her personality, Shiina Mahiru. Shiina also happens to live next door to Amane so when she drops by to return his umbrella, she sees that he’s sick and helps him out. This starts an unexpected friendship between the two and Shiina basically acts like Amane’s guardian, helping him out when needed.

As I said, pretty typical setup for a rom-com. What I like here are the characters. Shiina and Amane are quite likable characters. Despite her reputation, Shiina is actually very human. She even gets angry at Amane for having weird presumptions about her. Amane too, my boy says what he thinks and doesn’t get needlessly shy or formal with Shiina when he doesn’t need to. This trait is pretty uncommon among rom-com MCs for sure.

The animations and soundtracks are pretty dope as well. Nothing stands out too much but they’re dope for sure. Episode 1 was pretty fun, I look forward to seeing what this series has to offer. I hope it stays this good by the end of the season as well. Nevertheless, I think it will be a fun series in the long run as well.


As things stand, judging purely based on episode 1, Otonari no Tenshi Sama gets a fair 7/10. This is a preliminary rating, of course, this most probably will change down the season. Still, though, I think this series has some potential. It may not be the thing for you but, I very much do like my rom-coms. So it is something I will follow regardless. We do have another rom-com this season too, which I will talk about tomorrow.

Well, that is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I am interested in seeing how people are receiving this anime. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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