Our Top 5 Color Pencil Sets! Tools For Anime Art!

Yup, back with another anime art tools guide. If you prefer simpler stuff over markers and copics and whatnot, this article is for you! Color Pencil sets are probably the simplest coloring method out there. But they can be really effective if you take the proper time to learn how to use them. Slightly higher skill ceiling than markers or paints but it can look just as good and it is simpler and cheaper.

So welcome to another one of our art tool guides! Today we are talking about some really cool Colored Pencil sets. As always these are based on Amazon and clicking the images will take you to the purchase page. With that said, let’s start right away.

Kalour 72p Colored Pencil Set

price: 18.99, buy here

So starting with the budget options as always, we have this really really good 72-piece set from Kalour. You will also get an extra discount on this set if you happen to have a Prime membership. So this is a pretty good deal for beginners. Affordable, wide range of colors and a nice packaging basically all you need.

Castle Art 72-piece Set

price: 39.99$, buy here

Let’s face it. This packaging is just beautiful and we are still in the budget range, you are still getting one piece for about 0.56$. That is not bad at all. Another really good option for all the beginners here and this packaging will look really nice carrying around lol. Jokes aside, this is a pretty damn good set.

Prismacolor Premiere Colored Pencil Set

price: 49.58, buy here

This set right here has over 24000 5-star reviews. That is absolutely nuts. Again, we have really cool packaging right here, slightly costlier than the last entry but the quality of this product is amazing. Prismacolor is a really good brand for stuff like this, there is a reason why this set is a bestseller by a huge margin.

Amazon Basics Premiere Colored Pencil Set

price: 25.19$, buy here

Man what is up with this cool packaging with color pencils? Like all previous entries have had really nice packaging and this one isn’t falling behind. Amazon Basics though, they have really improved over time. I wouldn’t have recommended their products a few years ago but now? They offer some really good deals available now and this set is definitely one of them.

Arteza Colored Pencil Set

price: 31.99$, buy here

Of course I had to include Arteza here. They have quickly grown to be one of my favorite brands because they give really good product quality for a relatively low price. Like all other entries, thse are also soft core and wax based and they come in a really cool looking tin box. There is also a 48 piece version of this set if you don’t want 72 but this set in my opinion is just amazing.


Well, that is all for now. Those were our picks for Color Pencil sets so let me know what you guys thought in the comments. With that said, I will take my leave here. I have more stuff to right. See ya!!

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