Our Top 5 Copic Marker Sets! Tools for Anime Art!

So moving forward with our art tool series, today we are talking about the top-of-the-line when it comes to markers. Indeed, you can’t really do any better than Copic when it comes to markers. Their markers are favorites of a lot of content creators out there and are known for their color-blending ability. Keep in mind though, these are way pricier than Arteza and can easily blow a hole in your pockets so only go for these if you are already a professional artist.

So welcome back to another art tools article today we are talking about our top picks for Copic Marker sets. As always, all entries will be based on Amazon, and clicking on the images will take you to the purchase page. With that said, let’s start right away.

Copic Perfect Primaries

price: 35.19$, buy here

Already starting above the 30$ range but, this is a good set to get you started. Copic has these really cool 6 set combos for different things. I don’t suggest getting all of them but, some of them are really really good and with the right combination, you can save some money while getting all the colors you need. This set, being all the primary colors is a basis for that.

Copic Blender

price: 8.00$, buy here

Another basic product you are going to need while using Copics, a blender. I wanted to inlclude the blender set with the multiliner pen but that is out of stock so I have this instead. As the name suggests, the blender is used to blend different colors and doesn’t have a color of its own.

Copic 36 Piece Marker Set

price: 99.40$, buy here

Moving on to more advanced stuff, we have the 36 piece set. As always, these have 2 nibs and are alcoho based. And 36 pieces for 99 bucks is a good deal when it comes to copics. I mean you already saw with previous entries how costly these can be. These also come in this very cool plastic case. So yeah, all good things about Copics in a neat package and at a fairly decent price.

Copic 72p Set C

price: 289$, buy here

This is now fully into the professional territory. Any of the 72p sets will serve you really well. I wanted to put Set A on this list instead of Set B but it is out of stock at the time of writing. But as I said, get whatever one you like between sets A through E. They are costly but they are awesome as hell.

Copic Sketching Grays

price: 38.10$, buy here

Back to another basic set you will need. These gray pens are really important for drawing outlines and making shadows. This is in the last because these markers are probably the ones you will be using for the most part. And these can also be sketching as the name suggests.


Well, that is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Those were my picks for best copics sets but a lot of the ones I wanted were out of stock so I had to make do with what was available. I’ll take my leave here though, I have more articles pending. See ya!!

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