Our Top 5 Drawing Tablets – Tools for Anime Art!

Oh don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten our digital art buddies. We have been doing a lot of art tool guides for usual art but, this one is for digital art. Drawing Tablets come in two general types right, one type needs PCs and the other ones are self-sufficient. I have both types on the list so you will find something no matter which one you are looking for.

So welcome back to another one of our art tools guides! Today we are talking about Drawing Tablets. As always, these are based on Amazon, and clicking the images will take you to the purchase page of the respective product. So let’s get started.

Huion H610 Pro V2

price: 39.99$, buy here

So starting off with a rather budget-friendly option, we have H610 Pro V2 from Huion. As you may expect, this one needs a PC or a mobile to work but yes, this does support Android connectivity which is good. It has 8 press keys and 16 soft keys for your convenience. A really good choice if you are just getting into digital art.

Wacom Intuos

price: 39.95, buy here

Another one for budget-friendly options. This is basically at the same price as the previous one and I do admit these are quite similar products. So why did I include both of them? Well, this one is compatible with way more devices but it doesn’t have as many shortcut buttons as the previous one. Pros and cons of each, pick whichever one you like.

Veikk A30 V2 Drawing Tablet

price: 42.23$, buy here

Another product in a similar range but this one comes with a trackpad instead of buttons. It does have 4 touch buttons but the trackpad is the main attraction here. This one also has different stylus tips and a few connectors to transition from USB 3.0 to USB C. Again a great choice if you want Drawing Tablets without a screen.

Huion KAMVAS 13

price: 191$, buy here

Finally moving on to the Drawing Tablets with displays. Of course, these ones are quite a bit more expensive than the normal ones but, these ones can be used on their own without PCs or mobiles. Bringing back Huion for another entry, we have their KAMVAS 13. Again, this comes with a bunch of connectivity options and it is a pretty good deal.

Gaomon PD156 Pro

price: 287$, buy here

This is the premiere version of the previous entry. It has everything like the previous one and a lot more as well. It has 9 shortcut keys, it does not come with as many connectivity options but, it has better features overall. You get more convenience, more sensitivity, and more settings in general. So this one is great if you are a pro.


Well, that is all for now. Those were our picks for the top 5 Drawing Tablets. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I here am not too experienced with digital art so I went by what I heard, so I am open to corrections here. With that said though, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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