Our Top 5 Watercolor Markers!

I just did an article talking about acrylic or paint markers. Now, moving on from that we are talking about Watercolor Markers. Now, these are also just as interesting as acrylic markers. Just like them, these use paint instead of ink but it is watercolors this time. Watercolors can’t be used on as many surfaces as acrylic but these look just as awesome and these are also comparatively cheaper.

So welcome back to another one of our art supply guides. Today we are taking a look at Watercolor Markers. Just as before, these are based on Amazon results and you will find a link to the purchase page with every entry. Just click the hyperlink or the image of the product and it’ll redirect you to the purchase page. With that said, let’s start right away.

Koilox Watercolor Pens

price: 8.49$, buy here

As usual, starting with the most budget-friendly option, we have Koilox Watercolor Pens. You’re getting 24 colors for 8$ and all of these pens are dual tips one side is a fine tip and the other side is a brush pen. Basically, everything you need to get started at a very cheap price of just 8 bucks.

Doodle Hog Watercolor Brush Pens

price: 23.99$, buy here

A little more on the pricier side but still keeping a lot of value for money, we have this set from Doodle Hog. In this set, you get 48 different color markers. These don’t have dual tips, only a fine tip but these markers are meant for blending. And to that end, you get 2 empty pens in the set that you can fill up with water for blending colors. And that is pretty cool.

Bennici Watercolor Brush Pens

price: 16.97$, buy here

Back to the budget-friendly options, we have this set from Bennici. As you can see, this set comes with a really cool carry case and a waterproof pad you can use for painting. Just like the last entry, this set also has a water brush pen for blending colors and you are getting 25 color pens. Not bad at all for the price point.

Emooqi Watercolor Pens Set

price: 23.99$, buy here

This is a really good set. Yes, it is a little more on the pricier side compared to the previous entry. But there is still a lot of value for money here. Cause you are getting almost double the amount of stuff compared to the previous entry. This set has 48 colors, 1 HB pencil for sketching, 2 water brush pens, and 20 paper sheets made for watercolors. Again, that is a lot of stuff for this price point.

Primrosia Watercolor Brush Pens

price: 31.99$, buy here

Part of the reason why I picked these ones as the final entry is that the packaging looks really pretty. And the 2nd part of reason is the sheer number of colors you are getting. You get 60 colors in this set and each pen is dual-tipped. One end is a fine liner of 0.4mm and the other side is your usual medium-sized tip.


Well, that will be all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Watercolor pens are a pretty cool idea and while they cannot be used on everything like acrylic pens, they can be blended better. So pick whichever one you prefer. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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