Our Top Anime Hairstyle Tutorials that you can draw today

Our top Anime Hairstyle Tutorials that you can draw today

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Learn how to draw hair with these top anime hairstyle tutorials. Learn to vary your style and create the perfect anime hair with consistency.

Anime drawing has become so popular nowadays that many people are taking it up as a hobby. However, whether you prefer pencil sketching or digital illustration, there’s no denying that anime art is time-consuming.

Also, it can be pretty complicated at times. However, when you see the result, you’ll know it was well worth the effort.

Most beginners may look at anime drawings and think that it’s too complicated. However, there’s nothing impossible to do; you just need to know-how. You can watch professional anime artists as they draw to get an idea of how to create your characters.

For example, you may have a particular facial feature that you struggle to draw. It could be nose, ears, mouth, or even the face dimensions. However, if there’s one thing that causes most beginner artists trouble, it’s drawing hair.

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Therefore we’ve compiled 5 of the best Anime Hairstyle Tutorials to help you master drawing anime hair.

How to Draw Hair: ANY HAIRSTYLES Tutorial with 10 Art Tips

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The tutorial is one of the complete Anime Hairstyle tutorials for beginners. It teaches you the fundamentals of drawing hair on anime characters. This artist is also one of the most famous artists in drawing anime characters.

You can easily follow these steps to master a few hairstyles. In this tutorial, you will learn the importance of direction for your hairstyle. You will also learn how to use different lines as drawing aids. Furthermore, it also illustrates how to create your hairstyle around these simple lines.

Once you follow the basic rules laid out in this tutorial, you can create various hairstyles using them. Whether you want to draw straight hair or messy hair, the basic drawing principles are the same.

This tutorial also has some pro-tips to help you draw beyond the basic anime hairstyles. In short, it is one of the complete anime hairstyle tutorials available. Therefore, both beginners, as well as advanced anime artists can benefit from this tutorial.

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If you’ve felt that many Anime Hairstyle Tutorials are too long, then this one is just for you. In just 4 minutes, the artist provides you with the ultimate hairstyle guide.

The tutorial explains how you can draw anime hair in just a few easy steps. From short hair to curly hair and more complicated hairstyles, this anime tutorial has it all.

Some of the hairstyles you can draw include the inner curl, bob cut, Pixie cut, straight hair, and wavy hair. If you prefer more complicated long hairstyles, then you can learn about the twin tail or ponytail.

 Both these hairstyles are pretty popular in anime drawings. You can also get a bonus tip in this fantastic tutorial, so be sure to check it out.

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How to Draw ANY type of Hair!~PART 1

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For beginner anime artists, drawing hair can be pretty tricky. It is why this excellent anime hairstyle tutorial is perfect for beginners. Not only does it teach you how to draw different hairstyles, but it also gives you a step-by-step guide to follow so that you can ensure consistency and get it right every time.

This tutorial has it all, from teaching you how to create a general shape to dive into segments and varying thicknesses. With the guidelines provided here, you can practice making different hairstyles or even creating your own!

 Anime hairstyles are one of the game-changing factors in anime drawing. It changes the whole personality of the character. While it may look straightforward, the anime hairstyle requires more details. Anime hairstyle tutorials help give you ideas, guidelines and hacks to create some unique hairstyles.

What do you think about hairstyle tutorials? Do you find them helpful? Did our guide solve your hairstyle problem? Please share your valuable opinions and suggestion in the comments section below. We value all our readers and community and read all comments.


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