Pencil Art From Artensya – Anime Ignite Artist Spotlight

@artensya creates some unbelievable pencil art

His Dabi from Boku No Hero Academia looks surreal. Despite blue being the only color to complement the pencil shades. In fact, it is this scintillating blue emanating from Dabi’s hands. Also the reflection in his eyes that makes it difficult for us to believe in his art expertise. Especially once you learn of his humble beginnings. 

Since I was little, I liked to draw characters that I saw on TV, like Goku and Naruto.

This yellow-eyed Naruto pencil art is his tribute to the anime that marked the begging of his tryst with pencil art that we see today.  And haven’t all anime artists started with anime art because they wanted to bring to life their beloved anime characters in their own unique way? To such anime artists, @artensya advice to never give up, not even someone criticizes your work and to keep on drawing and improving. 

~ Dabi from boku no Hero Academia🔥☄️

~ 🎋Deidara🎋

Sinon from Gun Gale Online

It is this never-say-die spirit of hiss that we see manifesting in an epitome of pencil work of Sinon from Gun Gale Online. Notice how @artensya balances the texture in his hair and the smoothness in shading elsewhere just right. 

~ Sinon from Gun Gale Online

How does he do it?

So how does he create such mesmerizing pencil art, we ask? Commitment and determinationhe replies humbly. “And a lot of time”he adds. We bet it took him some time to finish this drawing of Meliodas clutching little Elizabeth in his arms. But the end result topped with the black finish is stunning in terms of details. 

With every blemish and scar almost right, our artist recreates one of the most epic moments from the anime Nanatsu No Taizai.  He has chosen black Staedtler pens to blacken this drawing. However, for all his drawings, the underlying elements remain the same. Those are the basic HB, B, 2B, and 2H Staedtler pencils with a humble eraser and thick A4 sheets to draw upon.  

~ Meliodas finshed🔥⚔️

Sometimes, our artist needs nothing more than these modest tools to create some simple yet amazing pencil art. His rendition of the crazy Deidara from Naruto is a clear example that he gets every little detail right. Everything from Deidara’s hair to his transplanted, wrinkled arm and even the mouth on his hand is done well to the last stroke. The shards around him reflect his explosive powers.  

~ 🎋🏯Uzumaki Naruto🎋🏯

Contrarily, in this masterpiece Naruto, he has exhibited some celestial level of cleanliness. Such is his command over his pencils that every inch of the character is filled with just the right tinge of grey.  

And yet, @artensya feels continuous improvement is vital for every artist. Every day, his follower’s comments and messages in his inbox propel his to inch forward and continue to create some amazing pencil art for us. @itsbirdy, @ladowska, @arteyata, and @clivenzu are some artists on his favorites list. Is @artensya on yours?

Let us know in the comments section below!  

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