Pokemon Announces A Bunch of New Projects!

With Ash finally becoming the world champion recently, we were all left wondering where the series would go from here. Well, we do not have to speculate any longer as Pokemon anime announced a whole bunch of new projects and some of them are landing really soon. I tell you, this is a historic moment and I am so glad to be here to witness it. 2 whole generations grew up on this show and Ash finally achieving his goal brings a tear to my eye.

Well, I’ve already made an article talking about Ash and his victory though. My love for the series never died even if their recent anime/games have been a little janky, to say the least. There is a whole bunch of announcements to go through, so let’s start right away.

Ash Ketchum VA Shares Message Ahead Of Character's Exit From Pokémon Anime  | Nintendo Life

Conclusion to Ash’s Journey

So going in release order, the first new thing to come out will be a special episode celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon anime. The episode titled: Harukanaru Aoi Sora will air on 23rd December 2022. You can check the PV for the special right here. The special will be made by OLM Studios and will feature Ash’s encounter with a mysterious boy, Haruto.


After the special episode, we have “Mezase Pokemon Master” a collection of 11 episodes meant to serve as an epilogue for the latest season. The true end of Ash and Pikachu’s story. Wow, just writing that sentence makes my heart heavy :c. This mini-series will start airing on 13th January 2023. You can check out the PV for it right here. Again, OLM Studios will be the ones making this.

New Anime Project

So once Ash’s story finally concludes, we will have a completely new anime project. The official website of Pokemon announced this project featuring 2 completely new protagonists, Liko and Roy. The new anime is set to air sometime in April 2023 i.e. the spring season of 2023. That is about all we know about this anime so far though.

We also got an announcement PV but, that is it. We don’t even know what studio will be making this anime. I do hope to see more details soon though. And I hope they give it a good title, right now it is only called “Pokemon (2023)”…. which is kind of lame. Still, you can check out the announcement PV here.


That was a lot of announcements to go through. Oh, man… I-I don’t know how to react. Like it is kind of bittersweet seeing a long-running franchise like Pokemon put away an iconic duo like Ash and Pikachu and move on to new things. Now, I know moving on was inevitable because the recent seasons were becoming a slog but that does not mean that I am not sad to see Ash and Pikachu go. I do look forward to the new anime, I am curious to see how they take on series from here on out.

I just hope that they are not overdoing it because 2 full seasons of anime back to back is hard. So I hope it is not OLM doing the new anime once again cause they are already handling the epilogue and the special episode, both of which come fairly soon. That is all for now though, let me know what you guys think in the comments. Man, this really makes me kind of sad. See ya!

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