Ragna Crimson Episode 14 Was Pretty Awesome!

Key points for Ragna Crimson Episode 14 Review/Cour 2 First Impressions:

  • In the first half of Cour 1, I was blown away, especially with the intense Ragna vs. Ultimatia battle, which revealed some intriguing secrets about Ragna’s powers.
  • As we dive into Cour 2, tensions rise with an all-out war between the Silverine Corps and Zora, Taratectora, and their dragon army. The primary goal is safeguarding civilian lives.
  • Personally, despite the anticipation for Ragna vs. Kamui, I find the current episodes of Cour 2 a bit underwhelming compared to the heights reached in Cour 1. However, I’m hopeful for improvement as the story unfolds.

So just like Frieren before this, I also wanted to talk about the 2nd cour of the other anime continuing from the last season. Unfortunately, The Apothecary Diaries will have to wait till next week but I can talk about Ragna Crimson right now. I just watched episode 14 of Ragna Crimson and I had some things I wanted to talk about. And this is the perfect opportunity to talk about how my thoughts on the series have changed so far since the beginning.

The anime has been doing a great job of building toward the eventuality that Ragna vs. Kamui but till then, things have been a little… Well, I will talk about that as well. So welcome back to another article. And just like the last article, I will be talking about my first impressions of a 2nd cour. This time, it is Ragna Crimson episode 14 and cour 2. So let’s get started!

What do I think of Ragna Crimson Episode 14 and cour 2 so far?

We are only 2 episodes into the 2nd cour at the time of writing by the way. So let me briefly go over my thoughts on cour 1. You’ll understand why in a minute. Cour 1 first half was frankly amazing. Every episode had some insane stuff and it kept escalating till we got to the absolute treat that was Ragna vs. Ultimatia. During that fight, we learned the secret of Ragna’s powers as well. And Ultimatia was so traumatized from that fight that she still can’t use her magic. After that though, the cour kinda fell off. It was alright but didn’t ever hit the same heights as before.

So cour 2 had quite a few build-up episodes leading up to it. Tensions are pretty high and we are starting with pretty much an all-out war between the Silverine Corps and Zora, Taratectora, and their dragon army. The main objective of the Silverine Corps is to run away with as many civilian lives as possible. While episode 13 and 14 had their moments, episode 14 in particular was great, Nothing still touches the legendary fight between Ragna and Ultimatia.

Now, I know that the anime is slowly building toward the eventuality that is Ragna vs. Kamui and I am pretty sure that those episodes will be amazing. But as of now, cour 2 is a little underwhelming. This is mainly due to what we have already seen the anime do. And I am pretty sure I will end up liking cour 2 more down the line. But just taking the current 2 episodes into account, it is just a little underwhelming and yet it feels like it is on the verge of something great.

Also, Crimson gaslighting people to fight in episode 14 was hilarious. Still my favorite character in the show.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I don’t mean to come off as overly harsh, I am calling the recent episodes underwhelming because of what we have seen previously in this same series. Either way, I look forward to watching more of Ragna Crimson. That said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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