Ragna Crimson is better than Anything I Expected!

Key points for Ragna Crimson First Impressions:

  • Ragna Crimson stands out with some of the best character designs and a unique art style. The quality of animation complements the visual appeal, making it a standout feature.
  • The use of time travel in the plot, with Ragna meeting his future self, adds depth and emotion to the narrative. The sacrifice of future Ragna to empower present Ragna for a noble cause creates a compelling and intriguing storyline.
  • Ragna Crimson introduces a fresh perspective on dragons, giving them additional characteristics beyond being ultimate predators. The ability for more powerful dragons to speak, assume a humanoid form, and the unique vulnerabilities they have, such as being harmed only by silver weapons, adds complexity and interest to the fantasy elements of the anime.

So, Ragna Crimson. I knew that this would be a good watch. But I was not ready for just how good it turned out to be. The fact that they started with a 48-minute episode helped the anime a lot too. And I am not gonna lie, this has to be one of the most gripping first episodes in this year so far. Really reminded me of The Faraway Paladin’s introduction arc. And I mean that as praise by the way, because The Faraway Paladin still has one of the best introductions in my opinion.

So yeah let’s talk about it today. And just how impressed I was with the first episode of Ragna Crimson. So welcome to the 2nd first impressions article of the Fall 2023 season. You know what we are talking about today. Let’s start.

What do I think of Ragna Crimson so far?

First of all, holy shit, these are some of the best character designs I’ve seen in a while. The art style is pretty impressive and unique as well. And I am so glad that the animations are able to keep up with art of that quality. Ragna’s fight in the episode had to be one of the coolest things I’ve seen this year, pun intended. And the way got those powers is even more incredible.

So he basically met with his future self who had lost the most important person to him, Leo. Ragna’s future self loathed himself because 32 years of losing, losing, and then slowly starting to win tuned him into the strongest human at that time. But he lost everything dear to him and had nothing to protect or fight for with that strength. So the future Ragna gave his strength to present Ragna so that he may protect Leonica and make a world free of dragons.

Speaking of dragons, this anime has a fresh take on them as well. Yes, they are still the ultimate predators of humans but this anime gave them even more characteristics than that. More powerful dragons can speak and assume a humanoid form (which is still not completely human as they retain several of their draconic characteristics, nice touch). On top of that, dragons can only be harmed by silver weapons as they secrete a substance called Silverine and they burn if they are exposed to the sunlight. These are pretty interesting characteristics and add a new flavor to the usually common fantasy monsters.

That is all for now

This was an amazing introduction to the show. As I said, one of the most gripping first episodes in recent memory, and I really enjoyed it. Easy 9/10 for this episode and I am very excited to see how the anime does moving forward. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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