Ragna Crimson Review: A Season Full of Ups and Downs

Key points for Ragna Crimson Review:

  • Ragna Crimson initially captivates with a powerful start, drawing parallels to top-tier anime like Frieren, showcasing intense and enjoyable early episodes.
  • The revenge plot is well-executed, intricately tying Ragna’s character development to future events. However, confusion arises from the unclear time period setting and the blend of medieval and modern elements.
  • The anime excels in character development, particularly with Ragna and the Silverine Corps. Each major character receives a backstory, fostering emotional connections, while Ultimatia and Crimson stand out as unique and well-crafted personalities.
  • Uneven pacing is a notable drawback, with a stark contrast between the engaging first 6 episodes and intermittent major events. The pacing concerns may be less apparent in binge-watching compared to weekly viewing.
  • Silver Link’s animation quality shines, especially in fight scenes like Ragna vs. Ultimatia. The portrayal of Ragna’s anger and expressions adds intensity, complemented by a strong opening theme that enhances the overall visual experience.

This might sound funny now but this anime started so strong that I was at some point considering this to be on par with Frieren. My mistake, of course, that isn’t true. But that shows just how strong of an introduction Ragna Crimson had and how much fun I had watching it. If I wrote this review back when Ragna Crimson just came out, it’d have turned out very differently. But now that we’re just 5 episodes away from the season finale, my thoughts have changed.

I still think that Ragna Crimson is a fun-to-watch anime, but no arc has replicated the sheer intensity of the first 6 episodes. And even if we do get Ragna vs. Kamui in this season, my opinions on this anime are unlikely to change. So welcome to another review and today we are talking about Ragna Crismon. This will be a long review since we are discussing a 24-episode anime. So let’s just get started.


On the surface, it is just a revenge plot, well kind of. I like a good revenge plot and this anime does it fairly well. Everything that happened in the “future” translates exceptionally well into Ragna’s character and defines everything he does in the series.

One thing I don’t like about this anime is that it is very confusing as to what period it is set in. Swords and armor are by far the most common pieces of equipment but firearms exist as well. Crimson can bring modern-day automatic firearms to the world as well with her time travel abilities. This question is somewhat answered in episode 18 and I feel like we will get more details on it down the line. But this kind of stagnates the world-building of this anime. Because there are no “rules” and almost anything can be available at convenience.

Aside from that one big major issue, the uneven pacing of the plot is also an issue. That is why the first 6 episodes are so good because they are one thing after another, culminating in that epic battle… heck I should say the epic squash of Ultimatia by Ragna. He took the “too angry to die” trope and ran with it. And it was glorious. After that the pacing kind of stagnates till we get to the next major event, the Silverine Corps and Ragna vs. Zora and Trartectora. I do think that this pacing issue stings more on a weekly watch. It might be rather minor when you’re binging.


More than the plot, this anime does characters incredibly well. As I mentioned earlier, how Ragna’s “future” dictates his current actions and motivations is amazing. He also gets so decent character growth throughout his time with the Princess and the Silverine Corps. Speaking of the Silverine Corps. almost every major member of the corps gets a backstory and a reason for why they are so loyal to the princess. The princess herself is a well-written character and what happens in episode 18 really does make you feel emotional.

The same goes for the high-ranking dragons. They all get backstories and their own motivations for being loyal to Ultimatia and by extension, the Dragon God. Their relationships with each other like Zora and Taratectora’s friendship, and Zora’s hesitance to call Kamui for help are all well done as well.

Speaking, I think Ultimatia and Crimson are the best characters in the show. Both are their own brand of crazy. Ultimatia is willing to obey every whim of her God and will do everything they ask of her. But because of some misguided sense of being “kind,” she wants to kill people “gently”. As for Crimson, they are the definition of “ends justify the means”. Throughout the show, they use every method possible to gaslight people into doing their bidding and when things don’t go according to their plan, the character break is hilarious. They are a control freak.

Animations and Soundtracks

Silver Link went hard on this anime. I know I have brought it up a lot in the review already but go watch any fight scene from Ragna Crimson. Especially Ragna vs. Ultimatia. The anime does a great job of capturing Ragna’s anger and sheer hatred for dragons. I love how intense his expressions look and when he is angry, you can feel his presence on the screen. They did not pull back on the production. The animations for the first opening theme were pretty awesome as well.

As for the soundtracks, they’re alright. They won’t stand out but they do their job and that is more than good enough. The opening and ending themes are pretty good though. I like the first opening theme more and the 2nd ending theme. The 2nd opening theme is rather generic but the first ending theme was good as well, I just like the 2nd one more. The first opening theme though, I can’t praise it enough. From the song to the vibe and the animations, it was perfect. Perfect. Down to the last minute detail. insert the Homelander meme here

Oh and one more thing, the character designs in this anime are amazing. Every character looks unique and their designs reflect their personalities incredibly well and they’re very eye-catching as well.

Wrapping Up

Here are my final review scores for Ragna Crimson:

  • Plot – 7/10
  • Characters – 9/10
  • Animations – 8/10
  • Soundtracks – 7/10
  • Enjoyment – 7/10
  • Ultimatia vs. Ragna – 10/10
  • Overall – 7.5/10

That was my review for Ragna Crimson. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I do hope that this anime gets a 2nd season because it is quite enjoyable for what it is. Yes, it has some issues but the characters and action scenes in this anime keep it thoroughly entertaining and I would love to see more of it. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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