Revenge Anime – Top 5 Anime about Revenge

Revenge Anime - Top 5 Anime about Revenge

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Top 5 Anime about Revenge

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Revenge is a very sweet feeling. You would know what I am talking about if you have ever had revenge on someone be it for an insult by someone or your sibling taking your piece of chocolate or cake. The moment you exact your revenge, there is a strange feeling of satisfaction. In anime, revenge is a common theme or motivation for a character to act.

If an anime revolves purely around revenge, it won’t fail to showcase the protagonist in their full glory taking their revenge on the villain. This much is common in all revenge anime.

Depending on the anime you are watching though in the ending, they may live normally after that or they may even be left with a sense of emptiness after exacting their revenge. Regardless of the ending pattern, here 5 best anime that revolve around dear sweet revenge:

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1. 91 Days

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What better anime to start a list about revenge than 91 days. 91 days takes place during the prohibition era. The protagonist Angelo Lagusa’s family is slaughtered by the Vanetti crime family. A few years later, Angelo receives a mysterious letter naming the people who killed his family and decides to return to the city of Lawless.

He takes on the name Avilio Braun and infiltrates the Vanetti Family to exact his revenge. What makes 91 days different is that Avilio sees all of Vanetti’s family as his revenge target and he personally kills people who were listed in the letter after asking them why they did it. He manages to destroy the Vanetti Family by completely shattering the harmony between all 3 crime Families of Lawless.

This plunges the city into total chaos and he uses that chaos to do his work. Good going mate. I have talked about 91 Days before but, my love for the anime and Avilio as a character show no sign of decreasing for some reason.

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2. Vinland Saga

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I don’t know if Vinland Saga will ever get a 2nd season or not but, that won’t stop me from appreciating the brilliant 1st season of the anime. Vinland Saga is a revenge story through and through.

Sure, it eventually becomes a lot more than just a revenge story and Thorfinn’s character receives a lot of growth but, what shaped Thorfinn’s character the most were his father’s death for which he sought revenge and his life in slavery which made him into a much more sensible person. Before Askeladd’s death at the hands of Canute, Thorfinn’s only reason for living was to kill Askeladd in a fair fight. Askeladd used this to his advantage all the time and made Thorfinn do his bidding.

He did not even fight Thorfinn fairly when things started to go bad for him. Vinland Saga is a really good anime. It has a big cast of very well-written characters and a lot of politics involved. Really do hope we a 2nd season soon because the series will get much more interesting.

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3. Rising of the Shield Hero

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Rising of the Shield Hero is one of the best isekai of all time. There is just something different about it despite having all sorts of clichés in places. Naofumi’s character growth after being betrayed is just amazing. His character really does feel realistic as he does not leave a single opportunity to earn money as he is not funded by the Palace like the other heroes. Unlike the other heroes, he cares and thinks about the consequences of his actions.

Now in the very 1st episode, Noafumi is betrayed by his only party member. She turns out to be the princess of the country and frames him for abusing her. Now, Naofumi is eventually proven innocent and the princess is about to be executed, Naofumi stops the execution and takes his revenge in a much better way.

Watch that for yourself, I won’t tell you. I can tell you this for sure: it is easily one of the most satisfying acts of revenge in anime.

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~ The Rising of the Shield Hero


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4. Goblin Slayer

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Before you even say anything, let me explain. Goblin Slayer (character) would have been a normal adventurer and not “Goblin Slayer” if his village wasn’t attacked by goblins and if his sister wasn’t killed by them.

The desire for revenge for his sister made him into “Goblin Slayer” so Goblin Slayer is a revenge story too regardless of what anyone says. Goblin slayer is just a beautiful anime. It is very harsh and cruel and then it is very soft in unexpected places just like Goblin Slayer’s character.

I love how there is not a single named character in the anime. It really gives the “game” feels it is meant to give. 2 of the best things in this anime are the world-building and Goblin Slayer’s character. Both are very well done and deserve high praise.

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5. Code Geass

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Again, I have spoken about Code Geass at least once before but, the anime is just amazing. Code Geass’s story still holds up somehow despite being old. Lelouch’s character is really well written. The story took off because Lelouch had a strong desire for revenge. His father just ignored his mother’s death and he kicked Lelouch and his crippled sister out of the palace.

Obviously, because of this, Lelouch had a strong desire for revenge. He had suppressed these feelings for a very long time but, they resurface when Lelouch met C.C. and became the leader of the Black Knights. He gets his revenge and what he does after getting his revenge though, is nothing short of genius. Go watch the anime. The ending is really very good.

And this is all I have for now. I linked the MyAnimeList pages of the anime as usual. Let me know down in the comments what you think about my picks and tell me what anime you would have put here. As usual, check out my other articles and the awesome art section of our website. With that being said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!


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