Ron Kamonohashi Feels Like a Missed Opportunity

Key points for Ron Kamonohashi mid-season review:

  • I was genuinely hyped after the first episode, expressing my excitement and anticipation in an earlier article. The series started strong, creating a memorable experience.
  • I pointed out my disappointment with the episodic nature of the show, stating that although each episode is entertaining, the lack of an overarching plot and character development is a drawback.
  • Despite the critiques, I acknowledged the anime’s positive elements, including its good production quality, impactful animation, and the enjoyable dynamic between Ron and Isshiki, which, for me, is a key factor in keeping the series engaging.

I still remember how hyped I was after completing the first episode of this series. If you read my first impressions article on this anime, you will see nothing but hype and excitement. But after that, Ron Kamonohashi never got back that similar feeling out of me.

Does that mean that the series is garbage? Not really. It just means that the first episode has so far been the best episode of the series, which is a shame because this series has a lot of potential.

So let’s talk about all that and more in detail. Welcome back to yet another mid-season review. Today we are talking about Ron Kamonohashi. Let’s get started.

What do I think of Ron Kamonohashi so far?

As I said, the series started off really strong. The first episode was amazing. The two episodes we got for the hot spring mini-arc were pretty good too. Things got a little interesting there as BLUE sent someone to keep an eye on Ron. But aside from that, the series mostly feels like filler. Yes, the episodes themselves are entertaining but the episodic nature of most cases means that they mostly go nowhere as they will probably never be brought up again.

This kind of has been painfully apparent in the last two episodes in particular. I still had fun watching those episodes, don’t get me wrong but I’d love for the series to have a big case, build it up, and give it a good 2-3 episodes. I think that way it will be a lot more engaging to watch. 6 episodes in, we barely have gotten any character development at all for our main duo as well… I don’t mean to come off as a hater, especially since I have actually been enjoying watching this anime. But these issues are pretty obvious and mar the enjoyment of the series.

On the production side of things, it is pretty good. The animations and art style are awesome, Whenever we get to see Ron’s eyes, it is always impactful and the scene looks cool as hell. The opening and ending themes are decent as well.

That is all for now

For now, the dynamic between Ron and Isshiki is carrying the anime hard for me. Despite all the flaws, their banter is pretty entertaining. Now, I really don’t want to do this but because of all the reasons I listed so far, I have to give this series a 6/10 as of now. I really hope that this improves by the end, cause as I said, I am having fun watching it. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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