Rudeus Cannot Catch A Break… Best Episodes of the Week!

Article at a glance:

  • “Ranger Reject” surprises with Sakurama Hibiki’s backstory, revealing unexpected layers to previously minor characters and setting the stage for complex interpersonal dynamics.
  • “Wind Breaker” impresses with its beautifully choreographed fight scenes, combining smooth animation with personal stakes for a thrilling viewing experience.
  • “Kaiju No. 8” takes a breather from plot progression to introduce intriguing new characters, setting the stage for future developments and exploring fresh dynamics within the story.
  • “KonoSuba Season 3” continues to deliver uproarious comedy with Kazuma’s antics and the introduction of new plot points, keeping viewers entertained with its trademark chaotic humor.
  • “Mushoku Tensei” grapples with tough decisions and looming conflicts, as Rudeus faces the difficult choice between protecting his family and aiding his father, setting the stage for potential future turmoil.

I told you so. And you probably saw it coming too. Good things never last in the world of Mushoku Tensei. The moment Rudeus said that he was happy spending every day the same way, we all instantly knew something was about to happen and it did. This anime is hellbent on spoiling Rudy’s life and it makes our heart rate fluctuate every time it does so. Just last week, we had this beautiful brother-sister bonding episode, we could’ve had a break this week by having a fun and whole episode. We did get a bit of that but then, as usual, this anime shocked us.

And what was it I said last week? Something along the lines of “I don’t know this week will be topped in episode quality”? Nah, screw that. This week blows last week out of the water. It is a shame that most of my week went into some personal stuff and I have an exam tomorrow. I really wanted to savor this week more. I haven’t even been able to keep up properly with all the anime I am watching because of all that.

Still, the episodes I did get to watch, did not disappoint me and this week certainly was special. So welcome back to another Best Episodes of the Week article. Let’s take a look back at everything from poor Rudeus to the Sakurama siblings being weird in Ranger Reject. Here are my favorite episodes of the week!

Wind Breaker Episode 6

This anime keeps surprising me every week. Now, admittedly the main reason for including this episode on the list is because of how good the action looked in this episode. The fight was really well choreographed and the animations were smooth as hell to compliment to choreography. The slow-mos or the stills we got during the fight were cinematic and looked cool as hell.

But then you throw in the great character work that Sako and Hiragi’s backstory provided on top of this amazing fight. And suddenly, its stakes are much higher than just a gang dispute. Their fight was personal and a long time in the making. I also liked what Hiragi did post-fight, he carried Sako himself and warned the next guy about Sakura. So yeah, next week we finally get to see Sakura have a “real” fight. I am very excited about that one.

Ranger Reject Episode 5

We got a surprising amount of character background for Sakurama Hibiki. Back when he was introduced in episode 1, I didn’t think he’d be a big player in the story down the line. But here we are. D is only alive and inside the Dragon Keeper base thanks to him. I won’t reveal everything that happened in this episode here since it just came out at the time of writing but this episode packed a lot of surprises. For example, D is not the only Stouin remaining outside the captivity. Sakurama had a lot of secrets before he left.

Now, it is up to D to figure out his new surroundings and try it use them to achieve his objective. Just one thing I missed in this episode though was Suzukiri. She appeared for a moment at the beginning but that is it. We don’t get to see her later. Also, I knew that all members of the Dragon Keepers were a little crazy and it looked like it extended to the Pink Keeper as well. When we see her earlier, she has a few red flags but nothing too crazy. Towards the end of the episode though, oh boy.

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 5

So the last episode really turned things around and deepened the plot. This episode was the opposite. There was little to no plot progression in this episode but this episode took time to introduce all the new characters. We will spend a lot more time with these characters now, so an episode that introduces everyone is quite important. And man, they already have such fun dynamics. And that was the strength of this episode, new character dynamics and interactions really made it a lot of fun.

We see that Kafka is also starting to become a little more confident, his conversation with Hoshina near the end of the episode was quite good too. And lastly, a special shoutout to Kikoru. Whenever she is on the screen with Kafka, know you will see some fun stuff. But on a more serious note, this episode also did well to show what kind of person she truly is as well.

KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 5

I just did a dedicated article for KonoSuba Season 3 and I still can’t believe just how fun this season has turned out to be. I knew it would be good but I didn’t expect it to be this good. This season is way more unhinged and chaotic than the previous two in my opinion and most of that chaos stems from the fact that Kazuma just doesn’t want to leave his life at the royal palace behind lol.

As for this episode, aside from delivering the usual KonoSuba brand of comedy, this episode also set in motion a few plot points for the future. We saw Chris stealing different artifacts, right? Well, now we know the reason for it and Eris has tasked Kazuma with helping Chris with her mission. Also the whole body swap thing. God it has led to so many funny moments already, I cannot wait to see its full effects play out in the next episode lol.

Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 18

Yeah, the episode is titled “Turning Point 3”. If you remember the previous two episodes with that title, you will know why the name Turning Point triggers PTSD in Mushoku Tensei fans. The first half of the episode is nice and chill, we get some more nice bonding moments between Norn and Rudeus. Later on, we learn that Rudy is also going to become a father soon. Everything was nice and happy and well, you knew what was going to happen. We all saw it coming.

This time “it” came in the form of a letter. Paul and his group need reinforcements to save Zennith. Now Rudeus is weighed with the tough choice of whether he should stay and protect his pregnant wife or should he go to his father’s aid and rescue his mother. You see just how much this decision weighs on Rudy, And he does the smart thing here, he talks to people, he gets to know the opinions of all his friends on this matter. But ultimately, it is Norn who seals the deal. I have no idea what is waiting for Rudy in the future but I have a bad feeling about this.

That is all for now!

Well, those were my favorite episodes of this week. Again, I was not able to watch everything this week because as I mentioned, I was quite busy. Let me know what episodes you guys enjoyed this week though, I will head off to sleep. need to have a good sleep before the exam. See ya!

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