Rurouni Kenshin Reboot Season 2 Confirmed!

Key points for Rurouni Kenshin Reboot Season 2:

  • So, we’re getting a third anime adaptation for the Kyoto arc, and it’s official – Rurouni Kenshin Reboot Season 2, titled “Kyoto Disturbance,” has been confirmed at Jump Festa 2024.
  • Season 2 is in the works and is set to hit screens in 2024. After the success of Season 1, expectations are high for another fantastic installment.
  • Personally, I’ve been pleased with the reboot’s efforts to breathe new life into the series. Acknowledging its age, I’m optimistic about the Kyoto arc adaptation and speculating a 24-episode season, possibly releasing around a year after Season 1.

Here we are, so many years later, with the THIRD anime adaptation of the well-acclaimed Kyoto arc of the series. Yes, with the conclusion of Season 1, it was only a matter of time before Rurouni Kenshin Reboot Season 2 was confirmed. And now it is. And yes, it will adapt the Kyoto arc. Given how much of an improvement the reboot Season 1 was over the original adaptation in almost all regards, there is little doubt in my mind that the Kyoto arc adaptation will also be good.

So let’s talk about it. Welcome back to another news article. And today we are talking about Rurouni Kenshin Reboot Season 2. Let’s get started!

What do we know about Rurouni Kenshin Reboot Season 2?

The 2nd Season of the Reboot is rightfully titled “Kyoto Disturbance“. The Jump Festa 2024 has just started and this was one of the first big news pieces to come from the event. The Red Stage in the event announced that Season 2 is under production. And it is coming out sooner than I expected at the very least, in 2024. No release window was announced for next year though. That is pretty much all the info we need (except for new cast members) cause the main staff and cast from Season 1 are sure to make a return for Season 2 as well.

That is all the info we got for now but more should be released in the coming weeks and months. For now, let’s move on to

My Thoughts

Overall, I have been quite happy with the Reboot so far. Yes, the story shows its age in many aspects, certain parts in the series are still kind of insufferable but the Reboot did its best to fix these things and focus more on what makes the series good. Either way, I do respect the Reboot for trying its best to showcase this old series in the best way possible. So far as the Kyoto arc is concerned, I am sure that it will be a cool arc to watch. Just as it was in the original adaptation.

Given the length of the Kyoto arc, I am almost certain that Season 2 will also be 24 episodes long. I don’t think you can conclude the Kyoto arc in just a single cours (12-13 episodes). Considering that Season 1’s last episode will air next week, I think it fair to assume that Season 2 will also air in the 2nd half of next year. As in, exactly a year apart from Season 1.

That Is all for now!

So yeah, I am fairly excited about Rurouni Kenshin Reboot Season 2. I think it will be fun. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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