Sasaki and Peeps Is a Pleasant Surprise

Key points for Sasaki and Peeps First Impressions:

  • Sasaki and Peeps stands out with its goofy and funny take on isekai, focusing on a middle-aged man navigating life with a magical bird companion.
  • The anime humorously portrays Sasaki’s middle-aged perspective, emphasizing his practical approach to life, like investing his first paycheck in the stock market.
  • The intriguing dynamic between Sasaki and Peeps adds depth to the story, with Peeps teaching Sasaki magic and a sense of curiosity about what Peeps might want from him in exchange.

I decided to watch a bunch of random first episodes this week for content purposes, of course. One of them was Chained Soldier, which I talked about already. And another one of those random episodes was this, Sasaki and Peeps. And man, I am so glad that I stumbled onto this anime. Imagine how hilarious it’d be to talk about life and ambitions with a bird. Yes, with a freaking bird. And now imagine that the bird also somehow knows magic and is willing to teach it to you. Yep, that is basically what this anime is.

So welcome back to yet another first impressions article And this once, I have got something that I really wish more people check out. Today we are talking about Sasaki and Peeps! Let’s get started!

I am also curious to see what her deal is… She is kinda sus

What do I think of Sasaki and Peeps Episode 1?

This anime is exactly as goofy as I described. It does not take itself too seriously but at times it can still hit hard if you are of a certain age LOL. Either way, it is goofy and funny, and its implementation of isekai is very unique. Think of the My Unique Skill Makes Me OP but much better executed. This anime isn’t about power or anything, it is just about a middle-aged man trying to make his life easier by earning money and I respect that.

And Sasaki is middle-aged through and through, when he got his first big paycheck working with the government, his first thought was to invest the money in the stock market lol. Not to party or buy something, no, invest it all. So Sasaki really wanted a pet but a cat or dog was pretty costly. Things happen and he ends up buying a sparrow. But it is no normal sparrow, it is the reincarnation of some dude who lived in a different world. The sparrow, nicknamed Peeps takes Sasaki to his homeworld where Sasaki trades goods of this world for money. Peeps even teaches him magic. As of now, I am not sure what Peeps wants from Sasaki in exchange but their dynamic has been so good.

Side note: it is pretty funny to see Yuki Aoi voice a bird. But I love this anime for the goofy tone, I don’t know where the plot will go from this point but I am hooked. The 48-minute runtime for the first episode really helped the series. I wish Solo Leveling also did a longer first episode but it is what it is. Sasaki’s character is interesting and he has found himself in quite an interesting situation. Let’s see how things go from here on.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think of Sasaki and Peeps Episode 1 in the comments. I loved the episode and I look forward to seeing more of the series.

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