Sasaki and Peeps is So Much Fun!

Key points for Sasaki and Peeps mid-season review:

  • I believe longer first episodes play a crucial role in a 12/13 episode season, efficiently introducing the series and paving the way for subsequent episodes.
  • In my opinion, Sasaki and Peeps stands out due to its enjoyable nature, featuring a protagonist who brings a fresh perspective as a middle-aged salaryman. Sasaki’s mature demeanor and life experience contribute to the anime’s uniqueness.
  • Despite acknowledging some plot issues, I find the recent episodes engaging. The simplicity of the plot and the protagonist’s perspective make Sasaki and Peeps an enjoyable watch, earning it a well-deserved 8/10 rating in my view.

If you read my last article, I was complaining about its pacing and how it negatively impacted my enjoyment of the show. And one of the easy ways to remedy such an issue is simply to make a longer first episode. So why can an anime like Sasaki and Peeps probably most people didn’t even know about, can have a 48-minute first episode and Solo Leveling cannot? Solo Leveling had so much more hype and budget behind it than this.

This is not about Solo Leveling though. As I move forward with this article, I’ll explain why a longer first episode is sometimes important in a 12/13 episode season. So welcome back to yet another mid-season review. Today, of course, we are talking about Sasaki and Peeps. This anime is so much fun and I am excited to talk about it. So let’s just get started right away.

What do I think of Sasaki and Peeps so far?

First and foremost, let me explain the importance of having a longer first episode in a 12/13 episode season. It helps get over the introduction part of the series in one fell swoop establishing everything we need to know. This way, we can jump right into the plot from episode 2 onwards. For example, in this anime, the first episode would end right about when Sasaki brings Peeps home. We wouldn’t get the isekai part till the next week and as a result, the first episode simply wouldn’t hit the same.

That’s enough about that though. The plot in this anime isn’t too deep or anything. I’d rather say it even has a few issues. But it doesn’t matter though because of the tone of this anime. In something like The Eminence in Shadow, you just accept what the anime throws at you because it’s fun. And that’s what the nature of the anime is. It is the same thing in this anime’s case as well. And to add to that further, the protagonist is this wholesome middle-aged man. So despite using a lot of familiar tropes, all these things still make this anime feel fresh and different.

Also, the fact that the plot for the last few episodes has been pretty engaging doesn’t hurt. Again, it is not very deep or anything, it is just fun to watch. And that’s fine. Sasaki being a middle-aged salaryman provides a fresh perspective on things. It is always fun to see his thoughts on things. He acts in a very mature manner befitting his age and he is also a very good people person. Once again, everything comes from his long life experience. It is a breath of fresh air as I said and I appreciate that.

Now, I do feel that the side characters could use a little more work though but that can be handled down the line as well. Still got 7 more episodes to work on that.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. Sasaki and Peeps is awesome, I give it a well-deserved 8/10 because of how fun it is. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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