Scarlet Nexus is getting an Anime Adaptation!

Scarlet Nexus is getting an Anime Adaptation!

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Top 5 Anime that didn’t need a Sequel

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Now, I normally wouldn’t have made an article on this anime but, there are quite a few interesting things about this anime. If you don’t know, Scarlet Nexus is a game that is currently under development. It is being developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment and will release on PS 4, PS 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. This is very interesting as it is also releasing on previous-gen consoles despite being so far in this gen. it is a good decision though considering the lack of PS 5 supplies. It is a 3rd person RPG closest comparison I can give will be Nier: Automata, I think. The gameplay looks cool as hell though, I will link both the trailer of the game and the teaser of the anime in the bottom. For now:

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What Do We Know About Scarlet Nexus?

Scarlet Nexus will apparently follow the game’s story which is good because the game is something that will definitely look cool in anime style. I mean the trailer looks pretty much like an anime trailer except for the art style and the gameplay. It’s just plain awesome. Awesome soundtrack, free-flowing and fast-paced combat, and even the story looks interesting. The anime-ish art style and Japanese audio may limit the consumers of the game but hey, we otakus are here to play it. putting the game aside for now, the anime will air in summer this year which is again interesting as it will be only a week or 2 weeks after the game’s release. Another very important thing is, Sunrise is making the anime meaning we don’t have to worry about the animation quality at all.

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I really do hope the anime adaptation is as good as the game itself. I do agree that we won’t get the joy of playing the game from the anime but, there are a lot of things an anime can do that a game cannot. For example, a game with good combat should not have long cutscenes so it cannot have long conversations or explanations but, an anime can do that with ease.


There are exceptions to this rule but, most games follow the “keep cutscenes as short as possible”  rule because most players want to return to the gameplay as soon as possible and is understand that sentiment. I hope the anime turns out like the Fate/Grand Order or Pokémon anime and not like the Devil May Cry one. They really have good material on their hands in terms of the story all they need to do is abuse the advantages of an anime like Fate/Grand Order did. F/GO Babylonia is really a good example of how to adapt a game into an anime. I mentioned F/GO instead of Pokémon here because the Pokémon games and anime have very different stories which are set in the same world.

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Final Thoughts

This is it for now. I am looking forward to this year’s summer now because of this and a few more anime. I mean among all the anime confirmed for summer, there is only 1 anime that I will be forcing myself to watch. Hehe….. well, you can check out the game trailer here and the anime teaser here. Let me know down in the comments what you think of the game and the anime. Do not forget to check my other articles and the awesome art we have on our website and See Ya!!


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