Shakunetsu Kabaddi – First Look at the PV

Shakunetsu Kabaddi - First Look at the PV

Shakunetsu Kabaddi – First Look at the PV

Shakunetsu Kabaddi is something I had an interest in but completely forgot that it is coming out this spring. As an Indian, it is very interesting to see an anime (well, it manga before that) go towards kabbadi instead of other sports. I had no idea that people even knew this sport existed outside of our Indian sub-continent. I know it is Bangladesh’s national sport, but it is still in the Indian sub-continent.

It makes me really happy that someone from outside knows about this sport and that someone liked it so much that they made a whole manga about it. Nice! I won’t explain the rules of Kabaddi here; check them out yourself if you’re interested, but I can say this with confidence that is a sport that will actually look good in an anime if done correctly (I know anime can make everything look cool) because it is a rather action-filled sport like saying Rugby. Well, for now:

What we know about the anime

We know that Shakunetsu Kabaddi is adopting the manga of the same name by Hajime Musashino. We know it is coming out on the 3rd of April. A few cast members were announced alongside the PV. We know Oohira Shunya will give the opening, and Uchida Yuuma will give the ending. I know for a fact that the animations will be good because 1) the PV looks pretty damn awesome, and 2) TMS Entertainment is animating it. Yes, the same studio that did Dr. Stone, ReLife, and Rent a Girlfriend. All 3 of these had awesome animations, so I have high expectations for the animations and even the soundtrack.

Check out the PV here. The PV looks pretty darn awesome good soundtrack, good animations, and most of all, the hype factor that all sports anime live on. Now, I am seriously looking forward to this anime and I seriously hope that this anime is as good as it looks. Looks like my spring season will seriously be busy like this one just barely managing to keep up with the multiple airing anime. I may even read a few chapters of the manga just to get a feel for how the series is. If they maintain the production quality of the PV (which I am sure they will) there will be no room for complaint regarding the animations and soundtracks that is for certain.

Final Thoughts

Again, this is all I have for now. I will be sure to report when more news comes out. Although, all information regarding Shakunetsu Kabaddi is released all that is left is to wait for the anime to start airing. Oh, how excited I am for spring 2021. So many good anime are coming next season. This year just keeps on rolling out new anime be it adaptations or sequels. Now while I won’t make a separate article for it, here’s a little bit of sequel news for you “How not to Summon Demon Lord” is getting a sequel. Unexpected right? Well, do hang around the site for news and articles. Do check out the art section too. See ya!!

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