Shield Hero S3, Has the Show Gotten any Better?

Key points for Shield Hero S3 mid-season review:

  • The aftermath of the Spirit Tortoise arc is a significant and compelling aspect of Shield Hero S3, contributing to a rich storyline with unfolding consequences.
  • The anime’s tone feels a bit off, especially in character arcs like Motoyasu’s, where serious events come off as goofy. This inconsistency affects the overall atmosphere of the series.
  • Shield Hero S3 showcases improved production quality compared to S2, with better animations and a notable opening theme. While the season is plot-driven, the true test will be how intense fights are handled in upcoming episodes.

Is Shield Hero S3 better than S2? Yes, absolutely. Is it as good as S1 though? Well, that remains to be seen. But just going by the 6 episodes we have had so far, I’d say no. So how good is S3 really? Well, that is what we are here to talk about.

There are certain aspects of this season that I really like. I like how the Spirit Tortoise is being treated as a big deal. Even though the arc itself sucked, the ramifications of that event are only just starting to unravel.

That was just an example. So let’s get into more detail. Welcome back to another mid-season review, today we are talking about Shield Hero S3, let’s start.

What do I think of Shield Hero S3 so far?

Let’s start with stuff I do like. As I said, the Spirit Tortoise is being treated as a big deal and the aftermath of that arc has been rough. We will see more of it as this season moves forward. Naofumi and his party are still suffering from the “curse” they got afflicted with while traveling to Kizuna’s universe which adds an interesting dynamic when it comes to fighting. We also got a good bit of world-building, and we will continue to get more of that throughout this season as we learn more about alternate worlds.

As for things I don’t like, first off, I feel like the tone of the anime is a little off. For example, Motoyasu went through a really messed up character arc but it comes off as goofy. I get it that aside from Naofumi, the other 3 heroes are stupid but… I don’t know it just feels a little unserious to me. Hopefully, Itsuki is handled better because he is probably the most messed up psychologically among the 4. Naofumi himself isn’t extraordinarily smart or anything but he is a person with common sense, and I like that. He tries to make the other 3 use their brain as well but also, they’re kind of brain dead.

Can’t wait to see THIS Naofumi back

The animations this time around a pretty good. No atrocities like the CGI Spirit Tortoise so far. The opening theme from Wizkid is another banger. The production quality overall is definitely better than in Season 2. So far the season has mostly been plot-driven and we haven’t had long intense fights to really showcase the animations yet. So it will be interesting to see how those are handled when we get to them.

That is all for now!

Yeah, so Shield Hero S3 is definitely an improvement over S2 so far, but still doesn’t reach the highs of S1. I think it is fair to give it a 7/10 as things stand right now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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