Shield Hero Season 2 – Does it Get Better?

So I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints regarding Shield Hero Season 2 being boring and all. So I am out here, to try and give my take on things. I know a lot of you have been missing out on the context for a lot of scenes too; since the anime skipped over them. Here I am today to deliver some explanation and to tell you what to expect from the story going forward.

Of course, I won’t try to defend stuff that is absolutely the fault of the anime, like the bad CGI on the spirit tortoise. But, I feel like it is worth doing some explanations here. I won’t spoil anything related to season 2 or 3, I will be as vague about them as I can. But, I will be speaking on what happened between Season 1 and 2 so consider yourself warned.

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Some Context for the Beginning of Season 2

So Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 1 brings us right to the start of the Spirit Tortoise arc, but some stuff did happen before the arc started.

First off let’s start with Eclair. She is one of the 5 sword instructors summoned by the queen to train the heroes and their subordinates. She is the daughter of the lord that previously ruled Naofumi’s territory and she wants to right her father’s wrongs. So she swears her loyalty to Naofumi and helps him in training and rebuilding his town. She is a really skilled fighter, she easily bested Ren in a duel; opening his eyes to the fact that he needs formal training. She has quickly become one of my favorite characters in Shield Hero.

Now, Rishia introduces properly at the end of the Shield Hero Season 1. Itsuki really put her through the ringer on a false accusation and kicked her out. Naofumi gives Itsuki a piece of his mind about the situation and then he takes her in as a new party member. She’s a very basic character right now but soon she becomes a really good character. Like by the time season 3 ends, she’ll be like a completely different character.

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Does the Series get Better?

Short answer: yes, it does. If you watched the recent 4th episode of Shield Hero Season 2, you’ll already start to see what I mean. The starting of the Spirit Tortoise arc is rather boring that is why the anime sped through it. I like the fact that they are trying to focus more on the 2nd half of the Spirit Tortoise arc because that part has huge effects on the story of Shield Hero. The aftermath of the 2nd half of the Spirit Tortoise arc will be felt throughout the series; it is after this point that Shield Hero becomes completely different from other isekais.

I will not tell you the name of the 2nd arc of this season because is it very spoiler-y. That is why I am referring to it as “2nd half of the Spirit Tortoise arc” even though it has a proper name. Speaking a little bit about Shield Hero Season 3 though, it will most likely cover the entirety of the Fallen Heroes arc, which is a pretty big story bomb in itself.

So yeah, all in all, Shield Hero is on a temporary down right now but it will come back soon strong than before.

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That is all for now guys. I tried doing kind of a different type of article today, do let me know if you want to see more of these. I’m always down for defending the honor of a series I like; especially in this case because people won’t be expecting what is coming in the slightest. With that said though, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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