Shield Hero Season 2 – First Impressions

So with all winter 2022 stuff wrapped up, we are finally ready to dive into spring 2022 stuff. I am starting off my first impressions of the season with the anime I personally was looking forward the most to. Yes, The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 is finally here after all that waiting. Was it worth the wait though, well only time will tell for sure but I am pretty happy with what I see so far.

Of course, these are my first impression and these can change over time. So please don’t take it as a final review. I will be doing one article for the multiple minor anime that caught my attention. The animes to get individual articles aside for Shield Hero are Spy x Family and Kaguya-sama for now. I will keep you updated though as things change. With that said, let’s jump right into it.

Since I will be talking about the first episode, there are bound to beΒ spoilers ahead.Β So be cautious of that.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Key Visual : r/ShieldHero


So looks like this season we are taking a break for the “Waves” as a new threat in form of the “Spirit Tortoise” has emerged. It has been a while since Naofumi became the lord of Lurolona and has been working hard in maintaining his province. Several familiars attack the village but are quickly fended off by Raphtalia and Filo. The queen gathers the heroes and informs them of the Spirit Tortoise’s threat; the other 3 heroes leave seemingly to do their own stuff but the Shield Hero accepts the Queen’s request.

That is basically the meat and potatoes of the episode. Rishia, the outcast from Itsuki’s party is also under Naofumi now and she has been training hard. It was a pretty decent episode; nothing major plot-wise but it’s just the first episode so that’s to be expected. Naofumi seemingly has better control over the Wrath Shield now so that’s pretty sick IMO. The episode does end with a really good cliffhanger though.

The Rising of Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 1: Preview, Release Date & Where To Watch - OtakuKart


Of course, we have the same old Filo, Raphtalia, and Naofumi, the Shield Hero himself. They all seem to have grown stronger in the downtime both mentally and physically. Although I personally feel like they won’t be getting as much character development as Season 1 since it feels like the story is a bit more centered around Rishia this time around. I do look forward to seeing how her character turns out; as she did show an unexpected amount of courage in one particular scene in the episode.

Animations and Soundtracks

The animations so far don’t look much different from Season 1 but, that is fine. I like how the animations are in Shield Hero; normally they are quite ok but during some fights, the animations are really good. I am hoping this season goes just like that. As for the soundtracks, MADKID is back with another banger of an opening theme and I love it. Didn’t get a chance to hear the ending theme but, I hope it is just as good.

~Sorry for the unofficial link, had to put in the opening though because it is so good


So yeah, that wraps up all I had to say about Shield Hero Season 2 as of now. This season looks to be pretty good already; I am really hoping we can get something as good as season 1 second half. That would be just awesome man. And yeah, with that said I will take my leave here. See ya!

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