Skip and Loafer – First Impressions

Key takeaways from Skip and Loafer First Impressions:

  • The article is a first-impression review of the rom-com anime “Skip and Loafer”.
  • This anime is kind of similar to the anime “Kimi ni Todoke”. The vibes are similar but there are some differences to keep it original.
  • I enjoyed the first episode, found it funny, and believe the anime has potential for rom-com fans.

Skip & Loafer Anime Drops 1st Trailer

Do you guys know a rom-com called Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You)? And how that anime sent you for a whole ride? Yeah, Skip and Loafer gives me major Kimi ni Todoke vibes. And that is not a bad thing, in fact, that convinced me to stick to this anime. There are a few things different to keep this anime original but, the Kimi ni Todoke vibes are unshakable.

So welcome back to another one of my first impressions articles. Today I am talking about Skip and Loafer. The first rom-com of this season that I dipped my toe into. I am a rom-com fan, so if there is a new one on the market, I won’t miss it. So let’s talk about this series today.

Skip and Loafer Anime Reveals Trailer - Anime Corner

What do I think of Skip and Loafer so far?

A girl from a village enrolls in a high school in Tokyo. She has never been to a big city before but has a proper roadmap of what she wants to do. However, Mitsumi is kind of a dunce when it comes to things other than studying. So low and behold, she gets lost on her way to school. But as rom-com logic would have it, she meets a guy, Sousuke who helps her out.

You’d think things went OK from there on, right? Well, no. Get this, Mitsumi literally pukes on one of her teachers after giving her speech because of sheet nervousness. It came out of nowhere and it was hilarious as hell. As an introvert myself, I can imagine how nerve-wracking it must have been to give the speech as a fresher representative without a script. So yeah, we’re off to a pretty hilarious and we got a look at what kind of side characters we can expect too. Which is pretty cool.

Skip and Loafer episode 1 wins fans over with relatable and endearing characters - Hindustan Times

So a pretty good first episode all in all. There were the usual cliches involved but it still managed to hook me in. I didn’t get annoyed when I saw the cliches happening, which is usually the case. Speaking of animations, the animations, and art styles are pretty average. Basically what you’d expect from a normal rom-com. That is totally fine though, a rom-com isn’t really about the animations, is it?


So yeah, I think this series has potential. Probably won’t reach the heights of Kimi ni Todoke but I think it will be a good pick for rom-com fans nonetheless. This is of course, based on the first episode alone. I have no idea how the series will progress from here on. With that said though, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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