Skip and Loafer is Really Wholesome

Key takeaways from Skip and Loafer review:

  • “Skip and Loafer” offers a simple and wholesome slice-of-life experience, providing a comforting escape from the complexities of real life.
  • The plot is paced well, allowing for natural character development and occasional moments of seriousness to keep the story engaging.
  • The likable characters, particularly the main duo of Shima and Mitsumi, undergo satisfying development, while the animation style effectively complements the warm and wholesome atmosphere of the anime.

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I really do have a soft spot for warm and wholesome SOL anime that make you feel fuzzy inside. It really serves as a nice comfort to escape from pains of the everyday real life. So when an anime like Skip and Loafer rolls around, it immediately catches my attention.

There is one thing I love the most about this anime: simplicity. It keeps things simple and easy. Yes, there is some usual romance drama going on but that is not the focus of the series. Mitsumi’s personality is reflected in the plot of the series.

So welcome back to another one of my reviews. Today I will be talking about Skip and Loafer. So let’s get started.

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As I said, Mitsumi’s nature is reflected in the plot of this series. By that I mean it is mostly simple, straightforward, and wholesome while having a few moments of seriousness here and there to keep things fresh. These moments serve as a great way of character development. And these moments are spread really nicely meaning they don’t take away from the key feel of the anime while still being frequent enough to prevent boredom.

of course, this is an SOL anime so the plot isn’t god-tier or anything. But, the plot is decent because it is paced really well as I just mentioned. The plot gives way to character development in a very natural way and I really like that kind of writing. I hope w get to see more about Shima before the season ends. His family background and stuff like that feel a bit sus right now.

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As I was saying, the plot gives way to some nice character development. And Skip and Loafer has some really likable characters. You eventually even end up feeling for the girl who trying to use Mitsumi to get closer to Shima. Of course, since Shima and Mistumi are the main characters, they get the most character development and it is really pleasing to watch.

For me though, the best character moment was when Takamine embraced the fact that she should have fun once in a while and handed her list to the new President. That single scene captures the essence of this series beautifully.

Skip and Loafer Anime Reveals Official Trailer, Premieres April 2023

Animations and Soundtracks

I really like the aty style they went for. It really suits the warm wholesome feel of the anime. The animations themselves are pretty good too and the characters are really expressive as well. The soundtrack could’ve been a bit better. The opening and ending themes are good but, I don’t feel like I will remember them in the long term, you know what I mean?


Here are my final scores for Skip and Loafer:

  • Plot – 7/10
  • Characters – 8/10
  • Animations – 8/10
  • Soundtrack – 7/10
  • Enjoyment – 8/10
  • Wholesomeness – 10/10
  • Overall – 8/10

That is all for now. Let me know what you think in the comments. I really recommend watching Skip and Loafer if you like SOL anime. It is really sweet and I am sure you will enjoy it. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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