Slime Season 3 Episode 9 Was Awesome!

Article at a glance:

  • Episodes 8 and 9 were thrilling due to the increased stakes set by previous meetings, pitting Rimuru and Hinata against each other and framing Diablo, leading to intense upcoming confrontations with the Seven Days Clergy.
  • Diablo’s partial reveal of his true identity and the mention of Rouge and Blanc, key Primordials, hint at significant future developments and deepen the storyline.
  • The episodes set the stage for the anticipated downfall of the Seven Days Clergy, who have incurred the wrath of powerful characters, building excitement for their inevitable comeuppance.

Finally, finally, Slime Season 3 is starting to pick up. The last couple of episodes were loaded and they were a lot of fun. This is what I had been waiting for and I hope that the rest of the season carries this momentum. Slime Season 3 Episode 8 and Episode 9 were damn near perfect. If anything, I wish they were a little longer just because I wanted to see more. And I cannot wait to see next week’s episode now, because you know certain people are gonna get jumped. And they deserve it too. Yeah, it’s gonna be fun.

So welcome to my mid-season review for Slime Season, and today I wanted to talk about Episode 8 and Episode 9 in particular. And yes, it is a mid-season review. Because Season 3 is scheduled for 24 episodes. So yeah, let’s get into it.

why were Slime Season 3 Episode 8 and Episode 9 so awesome?

I can’t believe I am saying this but the meetings of the previous episodes that we got bored of, actually contributed to raising the stakes of the fights here. You know that both Rimuru and Hinata want to avoid conflicts. But the seven sages have pretty much set them against each other. They did the same thing on Diablo’s side in the Falmuth kingdom by framing him for killing Rayhiem and setting Edward against Young.

Well, they are called the Seven Days Clergy, come the next episode, they’re about to be Zero Days Clergy real quick. Not only did they mess with Rimuru, and nearly kill Hinata, but they also made the mistake of crossing Diablo when he was angry. I’d be genuinely surprised if any of them made it alive out of this situation. They have incurred the wrath of two very scary individuals after all. Aside from the significant plot progression and cool action, these two episodes had, that was not all. We had some more interesting stuff.

First off, Diablo kind of revealing who he really is was quite something. He also mentioned Rouge and Blanc. I don’t think we have seen Blanc in the anime yet, well not in any major role. But rest assured, Blanc along with the rest of Primordials will be important in the upcoming arcs. And if I recall the LN correctly, we should get that arc in this season as well.

That is all for now

So yeah, I am very excited to see how the Seven Days Clergy are dealt with lol. You know they have it coming. They are going to get smashed and I cannot wait to see it. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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