Solo Leveling Episode 4 Was Great! Best Episodes of the Week!

Key points for Best Episodes of the Week – Winter 2024, Week 4:

  • Solo Leveling Episode 4: Marks a significant improvement, showcasing strong fights and character development for Sung.
  • Frieren Episode 20: Action-packed with well-characterized minor characters, building tension and leaving viewers on a cliffhanger.
  • 7th Time Loop Episode 4: Rishe’s preparations for an upcoming war unfold, featuring interesting dynamics with Arnold and a cliffhanger involving his younger brother.
  • A Sign of Affection Episode 4: Described as diabetes-inducing due to its sweetness, with cute reactions from Yuki and awkward moments between other characters.
  • Ragna Crimson Episode 15: Ragna displays impressive strength against dragons, with unexpected twists and humorous reactions from Crimson breaking character.

This week is probably my favorite week of the year so far. Not only did we have some amazing anime episodes, but this week, we also had the Royal Rumble. Oh, and I also went to see my grandma this week. So it was quite fun. That is enough about me though. Let’s talk about some anime. And I have to say, after a bit of a shaky start, the Solo Leveling anime is starting to find its footing with episode 4.

Solo Leveling Episode 4 wasn’t the only great episode from this week though. As I mentioned, this week was full of banger episodes. Ragna Crimson had an awesome action-packed episode, Frieren continues to impress with its current arc, 7th Time Loop is great as always and A Sign of Affection is going to give me dibetes. So yeah, no shortage of things to talk about this week.

Welcome back to another edition of Best Episodes of the Week! It is the 4 week of the Winter 2024 season. Can you believe that January is almost over? Regardless, here are my favorite episodes of the week! Let’s get started.

Frieren Episode 20

This arc for Frieren has been awesome so far. It started off pretty calm, it led you into thinking that it’ll be a mostly peaceful arc. Frieren isn’t a very action-heavy series, yes, we have a bit of fighting and things about magic here and there but “action” has never been the main focus of the series. This arc though, in the past few episodes has been action-driven and Episode 20 delivered.

Last week’s episode built up quite a few fights and we got two of them in this episode. While once again building up more tension and leaving us on a cliffhanger. The two fights we did get though were pretty good. And this is what I like about this anime man: the people fighting Fern and Ubel are minor characters. Probably won’t even see them again in the series after this. But I will still remember them despite their short screen time because of how well they were characterized in such a short duration. Wierbel even got a backstory to go along with his character!

7th Time Loop Episode 4

Another episode that ended on a cliffhanger. But let’s talk about the overall episode first because it was pretty interesting as well. It will be interesting to see how Rishe prepares for the upcoming war. In this episode, we see her taking the first steps in her preparations for the war. Of course, she just can’t go around telling people “War is coming” like The Watcher in Borderlands. Who’d believe her LOL? But yeah, she contacts the trading company she worked for in a previous loop. And I am sure she will draw them to her side soon.

Also, I think it is kinda cute that after “intimidating” Rishe so much, Arnold was just worried about her LOL. He comes off as scary but he is kinda chill. Speaking of Arnold, he warned Rishe about his younger brother and sure enough, I think lil’ bro got a few screws loose. The cliffhanger I speak of was related to him. I don’t what he has in mind but I am sure we will find out next week.

A Sign of Affection Episode 4

As I said, this anime is dibetes. It is just so damn sweet. Every single episode of this anime puts a huge smile on my face. It is mostly because of just how cute Yuki’s reactions are to different things but also because of how wholesome the show is in general. Now, while I am more excited for next week’s episode as you know, Itsuomi will cook for Yuki next week, this week’s episode was really fun too.

Also, I could feel the awkwardness of Rub and Kyouya when they saw Itsu and Yuki together LOL. Their faces said it all. Great episode, I really can’t describe it. Just go and watch and you’ll know why it is here.

Ragna Crimson Episode 15

I don’t know what Ragna awakened in this episode but boy he was wiping the floor with dragons. Zora is all confident that his mature dragons with camouflage and super speed would work, nah, Ragna cleaned them up like nothing. Also, I love the way he mocked Shin in this episode while apologizing to him. Like how do you manage to mock someone with an apology? He clearly didn’t like getting lectured by Shin looks like.

I can’t say much about the ending of the episode because there were 2 big twists and I don’t want to spoil them. But Crimson breaking their character because their plan got ruined will never not be funny. Usually Crimson is so calm but the moment something unexpected happens, their reactions are funny af.

Solo Leveling Episode 4

See, this is what I want from this anime. The first 3 episodes were decent to meh, this episode though is exactly what I expected to see in Solo Leveling. We had some good fights, of course, But that is now all. This episode also served as a great stepping stone for Sung as a character. We see him get more and more obsessed with growing stronger as the episode progresses. And I am sure that this will become a theme in the show going forward.

Also, aside from all of that, I don’t know why but this episode felt like a step above in visual quality compared to the previous episodes. Well, except for the whole statue scene, I guess. But Sung’s fight with that snake monster was really well-animated and was a nice visual treat as well. His sword wasn’t getting through the monster’s scales so he literally broke its neck with his bare hands… yeah, that was fun.

That is all for now!

Those were all of my favorite episodes from this week. I hope that Solo Leveling keeps the ball rolling just like this after an amazing episode 4. But yeah, let me know what you guys think in the comments, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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