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Key points for Solo Leveling Episode 5/mid-season review:

  • Personally, I find Solo Leveling’s pacing disappointing. Only 2 out of the first 5 episodes felt like they significantly pushed the plot forward, and in a 12-episode season, this slow pace is quite frustrating for me.
  • I can’t help but wonder why the series is only gaining momentum halfway through the season. The article suggests that a longer first episode could have addressed pacing issues, making the overall viewing experience more enjoyable.
  • Despite my pacing concerns, I do appreciate Solo Leveling’s presentation, well-animated monster designs, and captivating opening and ending themes. I acknowledge the effort put into the series and find Sung’s character growth to be a positive aspect amidst the pacing challenges.

I’ve been adamant on this since episode 1. I am not a fan of the way this anime is paced. Out of 5 episodes, this anime only had like 2 good episodes, where it actually felt like the plot moved forward. That may not sound too bad on the surface. But remember that this is just a 12-13 episode season. And we’re already through half of it and it still feels like we’ve seen nothing. Solo Leveling Episode 5 is no different.

I avoid talking badly about any anime. I usually prefer to move on from a show if it doesn’t grab me. But Solo Leveling is something I cannot ignore. It is a big name and it has been hyped for so long so I have to talk about it and keep up with it as a content creator. So welcome back to another mid-season review; today we are talking about Solo Leveling Episode 5 and what I think of the rest of the series. Let’s get started.

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What do I think of Solo Leveling Episode 5 and the Rest of the Series?

To be clear, I don’t hate the series. I think it has potential. But the problem is, we are almost halfway through the series and it feels like the series is taking off just now. A lot of these pacing issues could’ve been avoided by simply having a longer first episode. That way, the current episode 5 would be 4 instead and this week we would’ve already seen what Sung’g level ups have resulted in. But as things stand, we’re left with merely a tease.

I am not against a good cliffhanger but the way Solo Leveling is paced almost feels insulting at times to me. Why is the series only picking up pace now? We’re halfway through the season. A 12-episode anime should get going in 3-4 episodes. I know that this won’t be much of an issue on a binge-watch. But the wait for episodes weekly makes the pacing feel much slower than it is. And that really sucks. The pacing has sucked all the enjoyment out of this series for me and yet I have to watch it weekly because that is my job.

On to more positive things now. I like the presentation of this anime. Episode 2 was a great example of this and likely next week’s episode will be too. The monster designs are interesting and they’re well-animated. The opening and ending themes are great as well. It is clear that a lot of effort went into this anime I do appreciate that. I also like what they’re doing with Sung’s character. We already saw that he is actually pretty smart. So seeing him pick up on things in episode 5 wasn’t that surprising but I still appreciate his growth to being more confident now.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. As things stand, I cannot give Solo Leveling more than a 7/10. I want to enjoy this anime, I really do. But the pacing drives me mad at times. With that said though, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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