Solo Leveling Episode 9 Ruled! Best Episodes of the Week!

Key points for Best Episodes of the Week – Winter 2024, Week 10

  • Solo Leveling Episode 9 is praised for its captivating and edgy elements, particularly noting the unexpected plot twist and Jinwoo’s character development.
  • The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 Episode 10 is commended for its humorous and enjoyable moments, showcasing the growing closeness between characters and introducing new dynamics.
  • Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Episode 10 focuses on Hirata’s character development, with standout scenes featuring Koenji and Ayanokoji providing significant moments in the storyline.
  • A Sign of Affection Episode 10 delves into character relationships, specifically highlighting the mature handling of conflicts between Itsu and Oushi, adding depth to the series.
  • Frieren Episode 26 is praised for its well-thought-out fight scenes, emphasizing the series’ depth and complexity. I don’t want this anime to end, man.

The winter 2024 season may be approaching its end soon. We only have 2-3 more weeks left in the season but this season still keeps blessing us with awesome weeks like this. I am very excited for the upcoming weeks of this season because I cannot wait to see the climax of certain animes. I have high hopes for the climax of this season. And one of the animes that really pulled me back in despite losing me initially is Solo Leveling, Episode 9 was just so good.

That is not all, of course, A Sign of Affection and The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 have become staples on this list because of the weekly goodness they keep on putting out. Same with Frieren which just concluded a great arc in this week’s episode. And finally, we have Classroom of the Elite Season 3 because Ayanokoji keeps cooking and I am here for the meal he is serving.

So welcome back to another edition of Best Episodes of the Week! It is the 10th week of the winter 2024 anime season. Let’s take a look at everything from Solo Leveling Episode 9 to Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Episode 10. Here are my favorite episodes of the week!

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 Episode 10

I like how on multiple occasions throughout the episode Yamada just forgot where they were and let her intrusive thoughts win. It led to some awkward but funny scenes. This shows how close Yamada and Ichikawa have grown over time and I like that. I also like that we also expanded our character cast just a little bit, There is a lot of potential to have fun with the new characters introduced in this episode. We are familiar enough with the existing cast where introducing new characters only serves to improve dynamics.

Aside from that, this was just a fun episode. Nothing too serious between Yamada and Ichikawa happened in this episode, especially compared to the last few episodes. But I am putting it on the list because this episode was just a joy to watch. And it set up a few interesting scenarios for upcoming episodes which I am very curious about.

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Episode 10

This episode was all about Hirata. If you have been watching the show, you know that he had become very edgy after Yamauchi’s expulsion. He refused to participate in class meetings and refused to cooperate for the upcoming exams. The episode opened the same way, with him just leaving the class, not wanting to partake in the discussion for the upcoming exam, and that girl with twin tails chasing after him.

First, Koenji insulted and humbled the F out of Hirata. That was an awesome scene, Koenji owns every scene he is in and this was no different. And the Ayanokoji delivered the “finishing blow” by telling Hirata just what he needed to hear to move on. This episode not only focused on Hirata as a character but it also made Ayanokoji and Koenji shine, not that they needed it but still. The ending was also very well done with Ryuen returning to face Ichinose as all 4 class leaders enter their designated meeting rooms to decide the tasks for the upcoming exam.

A Sign of Affection Episode 10

So other than the first few minutes of this episode, Yuki isn’t around for most of this episode. And I think that is a first. Even though this episode was all about or I should say because of Yuki. I don’t know about you guys but up until recently, I didn’t feel anything about Oushi. This episode though, made me like his character. You can’t help but feel for the guy since someone he liked from his childhood started dating some other guy.

His and Itsu’s interactions throughout the episode were well done and I love how the maturity of this series shines throughout the episode. Itsu and Oushi handled their disputes like responsible adults and I like that. Their relationship has the potential to give us a lot more fun interactions in the future and I look forward to seeing them together again. We also got a scene of Shin being worried about Emma and not being able to bring himself to tell her about Itsu and Yuki. I think this is what the next episode will focus on but who knows? We Will see!

Frieren Episode 26

Man, I really don’t want this series to end. Only 2 more episodes to go smh, I want it to continue forever. But I know that is not possible so I will savor every episode of this series as much as I can. And Man, what an awesome episode this series delivered this week. I always say that the fights in this anime have a lot of thought behind them and this episode once again showcased that. What rank of mage you are does not matter, every mage has their strengths and weaknesses.

And these recent episodes showed us that even Frieren is not all-powerful. Every single fight in this episode was well done, And I like that not everyone passed the exam. Sense’s exams are known to be difficult, it’d be weird if everyone passed this time. I am very curious to see what happens in the upcoming episode now that Frieren will get to meet Serie again after god knows how many 100s of years.

Solo Leveling Episode 9

This is the kind of edge I want from this anime. I know that I have had my criticisms for it and I even criticized the development pace of Jingwoo’s character, but I just can’t deny the cool factor of it. I don’t know how the “System” works but apparently Jinwoo loses an emotion every time he gets stronger. That has some interesting implications and I am curious to see if the series will explore this further or not. Jingwoo even said to himself that he has become stronger but something inside him has fallen apart at the same time.

Solo Leveling Episode 9 featured a fight between two edgy characters and it ended with some suitably edgy dialog as well. But as always, the fight was fun as hell. I didn’t see the plot twist coming and I am glad it was present. I also like how Jingwoo was willing to reveal his strength to protect Lee and how he is aware that he won’t be a match for an A-class hunter at this point.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here, those were my favorite episodes of the week and with that said, see ya!

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