Sound Euphonium Season 3 Episode 10 Ruled! Best Episodes!

Article at a glance:

  • Sound Euphonium Season 3 Episode 10: Kumiko finally confronts her indecision by seeking advice from Asuka, leading to a heartfelt and emotional speech before the Kansai competition.
  • KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 9: A hilarious episode that delves into Darkness’s family issues amidst wild shenanigans and misunderstandings involving Kazuma.
  • Ranger Reject Episode 9: Action-packed episode with intense moments, especially D’s brave but failed attempt to disarm the Blue Keeper.
  • Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 21: Emotional buildup with Paul’s potential death flag and Rudy and Roxy’s significant reunion, balancing character moments and action.
  • Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9: Thrilling action as the base is attacked, featuring standout battles, teamwork, and a significant cliffhanger after Hoshina defeats the sentient Kaiju.
  • Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc Episode 5: Mix of comedy and serious drama, highlighting Tanjiro’s interactions with Iguro and the intense confrontation between Genya and Sanemi.

Man, the moment I realized Kumiko was going to see Asuka, I immediately knew that this episode would be great. The episodes leading up to Sound Euphonium Season 3 Episode 10 have gradually built pressure on Kumiko. And she’s unable to make a decision and so, she decides to go and see Asuka. And sure enough, that is exactly what she needed. It was a beautiful episode.

And surprisingly enough, this week was full of good episodes, I had a hard time picking what episodes I should include on the list for this week. Hashira Training arc episode 5 was way better than it had any right to be. Kaiju No. 8 has a bad habit of leaving us on these massive cliffhangers and that’s exactly what it did this week as well. Ranger Reject has been going through some interesting plot development and today’s episode was awesome. And lastly, Mushoku Tensei Season 2 continues to be amazing.

So welcome back to another best episodes of the week article. And I have to say, some of my favorite episodes of the season belong to this week now. So let’s talk about everything from Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9 to Sound Euphonium Season 3 Episode 10, here are my favorite episodes of the week!

KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 9

And we have another unhinged episode in the books. This episode somehow managed to give us more insight into Darkness’s family issues despite being absolutely insane. Before we get to that though, we gotta talk about the whole misunderstanding with that random noble. I did not see that twist coming and while I do feel bad for Dust for being stuck with that guy; I have to admit that the whole ordeal was hilarious. And then after that, Kazuma finally sneaks into Darkness’s home to ask about her situation.

And it looks like her situation is quite complex. But before getting to that though, of course, we had some wild shenanigans since Kazuma and Darkness were together. I can’t even repeat the stuff Kazuma said in Darkness’s voice to throw off the guards lol.

Ranger Reject Episode 9

While this shoe does have certain issues, I can’t deny that the past few episodes have been a joy to watch. There’s little to no room to breathe as we have been bombarded with plot twits. There was no big plot twist in this episode, it was mostly an action-focused episode but it was a fun one for sure. What the Blue Keeper was doing to XX was kind of uncomfortable to watch. XX is no good guy but you feel bad even for someone like her given what she was going through.

And then, D mans up and decides to jump the Blue Keeper thinking that he could beat him by disarming the Divine Weapon. Well, that didn’t go very well and I’ll keep the ending of the episode a secret because it was an awesome ending.

Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 21

So uh, Paul had a death flag in this episode, the group is heading into an unmapped section of the labyrinth and next Sunday is Father’s Day as well. Yeah, I don’t see next week’s episode ending well for Paul. The next episode is titled “Parents” too. As for this week’s episode, it did two things well. It showcased just how much Paul understands Rudy. He gave him indirect but very important advice in this episode lol. And then, of course, the main focus of this episode was Roxy and Rudy’s reunion.

Rudy has grown up to be Roxy’s preferred kind of man and well, you see the implications of that throughout the episode. Roxy barely even tries to hide it. Probably the only person who doesn’t get it is Rudy lol. Fun episode, good balance of character moments and action.

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 9

Man, this episode was packed with amazing action. The base is attacked by a whole bunch of Kaiju led by yet another sentient Kaiju. The squads and the new recruits focus on dealing with the Honju as Hoshina takes on the sentient Kaiju. He lures the Kaiju to the training grounds to contain his attacks and then the fight that ensued was nothing short of amazing. Similarly, seeing all of the recruits work together to defeat all the Honju surrounding the base one at a time was also fun to watch. Kikoru has gotten herself a huge axe and she went to town with it.

And of course, we leave the episode on a huge cliffhanger after the sentient Kaiju is defeated by Hoshina. Amazing episode, with loads of action, and the animation also put in some serious work as always.

Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc Episode 5

This episode was way better than I expected. We all knew that there would be some comedy involved when Tanjiro got to Mitsuri’s place and sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. But what I didn’t see coming was Iguro being all jealous of Tanjiro because Mitsuri mentioned him in a letter before he arrived at Iguro’s place. So the interactions between Iguro and Tanjiro were hilarious because of that.

The 2nd half of the episode dealt with some serious stuff between Genya and Sanemi. If Tanjiro didn’t step in Sanemi would’ve likely killed Genya. Also, I love the way Tanjiro got back at Sanemi because stabbed Nezuko back in Season 1. A fun episode overall.

Sound Euphonium Season 3 Episode 10

Throughout Season 3, Kumiko has been dealing with a lot. I love how the tone of Season 3 is also a bit more serious compared to the previous seasons, showing that the band itself has also gotten more serious about the nationals. This episode though, was finally the boiling point for Kumiko. She had been avoiding making decisions or taking sides up until now. She didn’t speak her mind, just agreed with whatever was told to her despite having her issues. And because of all these issues, she decides to go and see Asuka.

And Asuka tells Kumiko exactly what she needed to hear. Taking Asuka’s advice, the speech Kumiko gave to the whole band right before the Kansai competition was so full of emotion. She spoke her mind without holding back and it was so good that it almost drove me to tears. And I know that I am not alone in that. Amazing, amazing episode.

That is all for now!

This was an awesome week full of some awesome episodes. Sound Euphonium Season 3 Episode 10 was amazing but so was every other episode. Wind Breaker and TenSura Season 3 also had good episodes this week but I couldn’t make room for them. Anyway, let me know your favorite episodes from the week in the comments and I will take my leave here. See ya!

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