Sound Euphonium Season 3 is…

Key points for Sound Euphonium Season 3 first impressions:

  • Kumiko’s evolution from a timid underclassman to the confident club president showcases the series’ commitment to character development.
  • Season 3 maintains the tight pacing of the series while seamlessly continuing Kumiko’s journey towards her goal of winning gold at the national level.
  • Kyoto Animation’s stellar production, coupled with outstanding voice performances and character chemistry, continues to be a standout aspect of Sound Euphonium Season 3.

Right, I am finally all caught up with Sound Euphonium. I know that I talked about it in an anime recommendation article but Season 3 is also currently airing so I had to talk about it. And after a whole bunch of binge-watching, I am finally here. And I have to say, I enjoyed this series a lot more than I ever expected to. I now fully understand why Sound Euphonium Season 3 is currently the highest-rated Spring 2024 anime on MAL.

So after going through the first two seasons, and all the movies, here I am finally catching up with Season 3. So welcome back to another first impressions article and today we are talking about Sound Euphonium Season 3! This may very well be the last season of this anime so let’s show love to it while it is still here.

What do I think of Sound Euphonium Season 3 so far?

I enjoyed all the movies a lot but returning back to another 13-episode season just feels right. Hearing Kumiko say “The next piece is about to begin” once again, hit hard. Also, before I go into any of Season 3 stuff, man do I miss Natsuki. I know that outside of Seasons 1 and 2, she isn’t really a major character but she really grew on me and I am going to miss her throughout this season, I hope they bring her back for an episode at least.

So getting into Season 3, I love that the tight pacing of the series is still maintained. So the timid and awkward yet sometimes cynical Kumiko we used to know is now the club president and a third-year student. The first thing I’d like to praise is the growth of her character, She learned a lot from her seniors and we got to see this journey in the previous seasons. This season so far has been a showcase of how far she has come. Despite still not being used to being the club president, she still tries her best.

Her desire to win gold at a national level is stronger than ever since this is her last year of high school. So with all her character growth in consideration, it will be fun to see how she leads the club to gold. Aside from that, Kyoto Animation is still nailing that production. And the voice performances and the chemistry between characters are still one of the best parts of the series.

That is all for now!

So yeah, I have enjoyed Sound Euphonium Season 3 a lot so far and I look forward to watching more of it. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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