Sousou no Frieren is Awesome!

Key points for Sousou no Frieren First Impressions:

  • The anime features typical yet appealing fantasy character designs. The characters’ personalities align well with their designs, contributing to an engaging visual experience.
  • Frieren’s character is exceptionally well-written, portraying the challenges of living for over a thousand years. The anime effectively conveys her struggle to understand others and herself, adding depth to the narrative.
  • While initially episodic, the show hints at a promising arc by the end of episode 4. The evolving plot, coupled with insights into the post-Demon King world, sets the stage for an intriguing series with significant potential.

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The Fall Season is here and one of the first anime to come up that I am interested in is Sousou no Frieren or Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. I don’t know what kind of release schedule this anime has but it dropped the first 4 episodes yesterday at once somehow. So well, that is a lot more content for me to talk about.

But just as I expected, I enjoyed this anime a lot. The underlying tone of sadness of living longer than your friends and the struggle to understand yourself and others is ever present in this anime. It enhances the experience so much in my opinion.

So let’s talk about all that and more. Welcome to the first First Impressions articles of the Fall season. Today we are talking about Sousou no Frieren! Let’s get started!

What do I think of Sousou no Frieren?

First things first, I really like the character designs in the show. Yes, they are typical fantasy designs for the most part, but they are pretty appealing. Flamme probably being my favorite character, appearance-wise. And the personality of the characters goes pretty well with their designs. Speaking of, there are not a lot of characters in Frieren but they are pretty well-written. And I feel like by the end of the series, we will form a pretty deep connection with them.

Frieren’s character in particular is exceptionally well-written. The anime does a great job of conveying how different her sense of time is from others. She has been alive for over a thousand years so 20-30 years is nothing to her. She spent 10 years with her party and to her that time is nothing. So she feels like everyone else understands her but she doesn’t really know others. And she tries desperately to understand others… and maybe, one day she will understand herself because of that.

The plot of the show was initially pretty episodic but at the end of episode 4, we got hints of an arc coming up. And the arc definitely looks promising, so I am very curious to see where the plot of the show goes from here on. Even in the episodic parts though, we got a good grip on the situation of the world and how much things have changed after Frieren and her party defeated the Demon King.

Summing Up

Great start to what is sure to be a great series. Based on the initial 4 episodes, Sousou no Frieren gets an 81/0 from me. It definitely has the potential of reaching 10/10 for sure. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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